Sweaty, Side-Stitched 18+ Miles

This run was painful, hot, and so extremely tough. It almost felt as hard as the last couple miles of my full marathon last year… except slightly worse because I had a side stitch during the last couple of miles.

I set out to do around 16 miles on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. The first 7 miles were pretty easy pace, but that’s also when the weather started getting pretty uncomfortable and there was very little shade from miles 7 to 10.

I had an Espresso GU a little after mile 11 and stopped by at some water fountains.

My half marathon (13.1 mile) pace was 8:25, but this is where everything started going wrong. Even though the weather was much cooler and there was plenty of shade, I started getting some pain in my right side that would not go away.

I tried to just keep running through and focus on breathing, but at mil 14.75, I just had to take a little walk break (eyes were crazy watery, mang. It seriously hurt a LOT). I walked about 0.15 mile, put pressure where it hurt, and as soon as the pain died down, I jogged lightly.

My slowest mile was mile 15 (9:27???) because of all the walk breaks. Anywho, the pace from 13.1 to 16.65 was 8:53.

Garsh. I finished at a light jog (instead of my usual sprinting finish).

Average pace so far was just under 8:34 for 16.65 miles. I guess I shouldn’t be too upset about it… considering the conditions.

Some theories on why I got that stupid side stitch:

1.) The only thing I ate was a peanut butter on toast with a banana about 2 hours before going out for a run (GARSH).

2.) I did not bring enough GU (only had one with me).

3.) The diluted coconut water I had… which ran out around mile 11 (meaning I only had water from the fountains after that) was not enough to replenish electrolytes.

4.) The weather was so hot that I sweat a lot more than usual, meaning reason #3 became a BIG PROBLEMO.

5.) Having eaten so much fatty meat and buttery breads yesterday probably affected this run. 😦


I was so sad about how the run ended that I headed to the gym to finish up the run a bit (had some fuel in the car on the way to the gym and there was no more pain in my side).

Treadmill: 13:40 minutes, 1.60 miles. (Ending the run with a walk for the last 0.10 mile).



18.25 miles.

8:33 pace.


Why did I decide to run this much? I have an 18-miler (Mermaid Run) coming up on Saturday, May 12th.

[ALSO… Jane was kind enough to sign me up at the local Road Runner Sport yesterday for a 10K (which will be on Saturday, May 5th). It was $29 flat if registered at the store over the weekend!!! Thanks, Jane!

BTW, Jane and Addie will be running the 5K or 10K also :D].


How was your Monday?

Do you ever have trouble with getting cramps or a side stitch?


3 responses to “Sweaty, Side-Stitched 18+ Miles

  1. Do you have a fuel belt? I have one with 4 bottles that is so awesome I barely notice it when running. Smart to run a trail lined with drinking fountains! I think you probably could have used at least one more GU and had the first one earlier in the run, around mile 8.

    Peanut Butter and Banana on Toast is my favorite pre-long run breakfast! I call it Elvis Toast! it’s probably not your breakfast that contributed to your side stitch.

    Probably from your meals the day before and dehydration. :/

    • Haha I have a fuel belt that holds one 10 pounce bottle. I think I needed to have something with more sodium (I usually use coconut water because it doesn’t leave a syrupy taste in my mouth as does some other electrolyte drinks.
      I DEFINITELY should have brought another GU with me! You’re right. I’m pretty sure it was my lack of fueling during the run and more fatty foods from the day before.

      • You really need a better fuel belt my friend 😉 !!! Coconut water is awesome. I love that it has more electrolytes then gatorade.

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