Ever Tried Quinoa?

Good morning!

So last night’s dinner was pretty awesome because I used the STOVE (instead of the ol’ throw random things in a bowl and microwave).

I found the quinoa that has been sitting in the freezer for a while and decided to finally make something with it. You can read more about quinoa here. For a one-cup serving, there are 5 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein! Swit.

So, I got a half cup of quinoa and rinsed it . Then I threw it into a pot (that was kind of too big, whoops) with one cup of water. .


Once it came to a boil, I put the heat on low and let it simmer (about 10-15 minutes).


While it was cookin’ up, I prepared some random things to put in it: almonds, raisins, asparagus, and an egg. RANDOM, I TELL YA. (You can choose to put any number or random things in there! Whatever healthy things you got, go for it!)


Once the quinoa is cooked, you will see some of tiny curled slivers (that’s apparently the germ separating from the seed).


I took out some of the quinoa to eat for lunch, then mixed in my random ingredients (I love when the raisins get all plump).


I added about two tbsp of this hummus dressing from TJ’s. You can just add any dressing you want.


With a nice helping of Sriracha sauce and some salt and pepper, this thing was ready to eat!!

Total time: 23 minutes (including prep and cooking time).

Total time to consume: 3 minutes (haha, jk. I actually took some time to savor and enjoy it!)


(o__O )

Whoa. This meal was actually vegetarian… and I didn’t even notice! (well, technically ovo-vegetartian)


I’m off to go running with Addie and Jane!


Have you ever cooked quinoa?

Do you like adding fruit to your savory/salty dishes?

2 responses to “Ever Tried Quinoa?

  1. We cook with quinoa fairly often. It’s good stuff!

    We add fruit to our more savory/salty dishes, but we really ought to do it more. It always works well. 🙂

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