Run Free, Be Happy

So you know my dog, Vanna?


She’s really good at playing fetch!


I love to watch her run back with the poor pink bear in her mouth and slide/halt right between my feet.

^Doesn’t it just make you happy to see a dog running so free? Wind in her hair and everything! 😀

Needless to say, after about 15 times of fetching the bear, she needed to rest in the shade (sorry for my nasty peek-a-boo toe in the corner).

^I was seriously just scratching her stomach for like 3 minutes straight while she lay there panting.

Don’t worry. She had plenty of water and ended up taking a fat nap in this spot after we played.


When my heart beats loudly, my lungs work harder, and the sweat starts dripping, it reminds me of how alive I am and I’m so thankful for that exhilarating feeling!!

Speaking of feeling ALIVE, I’m about to experience some of that with an Insanity Upper Body Weights video! I might follow it up with a bit of the elliptical while watching the Daily Show with John Stewart.

And I made a yummy dinner, but I’ll post that in the morning.


Random thing to show you:

^Michael bought a Venus flytrap!!!

Know what’s the funniest thing? He was running around the living room with the box, chasing down a fly (trying to make it go in). He really wants to see it eat something, hahaha.


Do you ever just run around and feel the freedom and joy of moving your body and breathing hard?


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