Smiles All Around!


I want to show you something…

… the cheesiest smile you will ever see:

GUESS WHAT?? Addie, Jane, and I set out from Jane’s home to go for a jog (interspersed with some walks) to a local restaurant.

I carried the backpack and ran ahead just a few feet so I could catch the on-coming bugs in my mouth.


It was a lovely day, and a wonderful walk/jog to the restaurant. It was mostly downhill going there, and we were able to make great conversation.


About 2.40 miles later, we were at the Woodside Bakery and Cafe.


They have one side with a case full of wonderful baked goods, and the other side with a restaurant and outdoor patio seating.

We each ordered an item from the menu to share. These fish tacos were tasty:


The ham and avocado panini was delicious!


And the warm spinach salad was BOMB. That weird blackish stuff under the pecans are caramalized onions. That chicken was really good and filling.


Our walk back to Jane’s house was a little tougher because it was more uphill and we were all full from lunch. NO PROBLEMO for the weirdly happy girl in the front!


I made sure to make them run here-and-there.

^The FUNNIEST part was that they were trying to think of incentives for themselves to keep running. At one point, they were chanting “CHOCOLATE CAKE– CHOCOLATE CAKE–” and it was hilarious!

We made it up the hill and arrived back at Jane’s home. Woo! Great job, ladies!!

1h 16 min and we covered 4.8 miles. Love all the smiles!

And my, oh my… that chocolate cake (a tiny tiny piece from Claim Jumpers) and an iced latte to go. Thanks, Jane! You sent me off to work with a little pep in my step 🙂


After class, I went to Joe’s and I ate two whole bowls of curry rice.


Umm… I know it may sound weird, but I decided to mix my leftover quinoa from yesterday into the curry. IT WAS GOOD (oh… except for the almonds. The texture didn’t go with everything).

Can I just say… the RAISINS in the curry seemed to work pretty flippin’ well. I especially loved the fact that they became sure plump and delish. If you don’t like it, I don’t care.

More for me.

oOOooh and Joe left me half of his bread from Kee-wah Bakery, which is a bakery that I’ve been really wanting to go to.


And I had the major MAJOR munchies for some reason, so I ate a couple of dried pineapples, one Grasshopper cookie, and a whole bunch of candied walnuts.


Josh and Esther also brought home some ice cream so I definitely had a cup of the green tea ice cream and Cherry Garcia.


I may have eaten way more sugary foods that I needed, but I am planning on doing a long elliptical workout while I watch The Biggest Loser tomorrow.

Perhaps I will fit in a gym session before a dentist appointment tomorrow if I can.

Whoa. I just ate all this sweet stuff and I’m going to see my dentist!?! He going to be maaaaaad.



2 responses to “Smiles All Around!

  1. Chocolate cake! Chocolate cake! Those were some yummy chocolate cake, right? Yea, it was fun running/walking with you, Michelle, and I normally hate running. It’s always good to have some sort of ‘carrot’ in front of us to get us going! Thanks again Michelle.

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