Off to Yosemite!!

Last night’s SAP (Sisters’ Accountability and Prayer) group meeting was awesome! We had seven ladies together, discussing Mark 1:40-45. We also plowed through a good amount of fruit:

^(You best believe I ate several of these. Pretty sweet! Even though they’re not in season yet.)

And so many scones and chocolates! This is one (of many many many) chocolate I really enjoyed… Ghiradelli with Sea Salt.

We ended up talking until 11pm!!! Wow! Time really flies when you’re having amazing conversation 🙂


This is what my preparations for Yosemite look like:

Plenty of wipes (that’s right. I’m not planning on taking any showers, so I got a bunch of wipes… for the sake of those around me), PowerBar energy chews (for the hikes), and sunblock.


I will not be able to post until Sunday night, so I hope ya’lls have a wonderful time until then!


Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Have you ever been to Yosemite?

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