Too Big

What up, peoples??

GUESS WHAT… I was going to try on some pants that were found in my mess of a closet to wear to work, and discovered something SHOCKING:

They’re way TOO BIG! I was obviously happy and excited in the creepiest way:


And the crazy thing is that they used to fit pretty well near the end of last year, after my marathon (December 2012).

[BTW, I gained about 10 pounds training for that marathon. I thought having long training runs meant I can eat whatever the heck I wanted, whenever the heck I wanted. You totally CAN do that… but you’ll end up putting on some weight.]

So that means that I lost a couple of inches from my waist (and probably my hips and thunder thighs) since the beginning of this year. WOO HOO!

Those pants are size 8. I generally get up to around size 6/8 during the winter season (holiday season= delicious foods= gain weight= insulation) and then I get to size 4/6 in the warmer months (nice weather= more running= swit tan).

I’m hoping to be able to stay the same weight all year because I hear that when your weight fluctuates a lot, your skin gets all funks it will affect the elasticity.

Speaking of weight, I took a 3 year break from weighing myself. There was just too much of my emotion attached to a number, and I think that’s not healthy or constructive. If a number was “too high”, I would be depressed. If a number was “good”, I would still be anxious at the thought of it creeping back up.

I can handle it now. I won’t let my heart sink to the depths of the sea because of a flippin’ number. I will weigh myself about once a week to see that I’m at a pretty steady weight. I refuse to go back to weighing myself multiple times a day. Obsessing over numbers is not a path I ever want to take again.

That’s why I always hear about people who will use the fit of their clothes to track their progress, and I’m happy to say that it worked! My super loose pants are proof!

[Random note: it’s so difficult for someone with thunder thighs and a badonkadonk like me to find pants that fit well].


Haha, I just remembered… I had a workout today!

Today’s workout:

Elliptical (at home): 30 minutes while watchingThe Biggest Loser. I always work up to a resistance where it feels like I’m moving in a pit of sand up to my neck.

(… is anyone else following The Biggest Loser?? My jaw dropped to the floor at the beginning of this week’s episode! Craaaaazy!!)

Had a little break and ran errands before hitting up the gym for ROUND 2:

Stairclimber (revolving staircase): 20 minutes, and it said 2.68 miles, but I’ll round down to 2.5 miles. Warmup at level 11. Went up to level 15 by the end.

Treadmill: Exactly 20 minutes, 2.55 miles. 1% incline. Felt easy until the last two minutes.

Spin Bike:10 minutes as a cooldown.


Do you weight yourself often or use the fit of your clothes to keep yourself in check?

Any exciting plans for Friday or the weekend?

3 responses to “Too Big

  1. Personally, I weigh in every morning. I really don’t use it as a barometer for my self-esteem, though. It’s just a tool for me to use so that I can keep weight loss, maintenance, or gain consistent (I try not to lose or gain more than a pound a week).

    However, our teacher in vocational school with a Master’s degree in biochemistry said that he had his clients focus almost entirely upon pants/belt size. It was a lot easier for them psychologically than checking in on the scale.

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