Yosemite Retreat Part 1

Hello! It’s so good to be back home!

Our church’s young adult group got back from Yosemite today. I will do a recap of this retreat in about 3 parts. Here is part 1:

Friday, we set off around 9:45am from our church and headed down toward Yosemite. When we stopped for gas, I was weirds and decided to get a REGULAR Starbucks energy drink (I usually try to get the light ones). Also, I decided to wear shorts, compression socks, and my awesome $1 slippers from Korea for the car ride.

(Does anyone else get edema or swollen ankles after sitting in the car for a long time? Maybe I only get that because my poor ankles must support the weight of my thunder thighs. *Shrug*).

We ate at Denny’s for lunch. I loooove getting the skillets at Denny’s! They had this Fit Fare one, and it was aight. I usually like poached eggs, but I guess this was supposed to come with egg whites… oops.

Phil gave me his peanut butter hush puppy to try. Everything is better with peanut butter, I tell ya!


Once we arrived, we set up the tents, cooking equipment, and chairs. A few of us decided to go walking along the river that was right next to our camping site. It was BEAUTIFUL!


There wasn’t exactly a trail, so we had to do some climbing over boulders, which made it seem more fun and adventurous. I don’t know why I’m standing like I need to pee really badly…


Even though we were taking our time, the sun was still hot and I broke a good sweat. I should have tied my hair and worn a sweat-wicking tee… because I’m gross like that and sweat at the first sign of exertion.

The walk was just 1.10 miles, but it still felt so great to move around after four hours in the car.

We got back and hung out for a while until dinner was ready to be served! Phil, Juni, and Michael put together some budae jjigae (army stew… you just put a bunch of “leftovers” like kimchi, spam, tofu, veggies, etc.) and let it cook up. It was served over rice and since the temperature was starting to drop, the hot stew was perfect to eat!


I actually ended up having FOUR BOWLS of this stuff! I’ll blame it on the fact that the bowls were small or something… (even though they were a perfectly normal size, hehe). They ended up adding some ramen noodles and seasoning later on and WHOA. I knew that ma face would be in trouble the next day…

…. why would my face be in trouble? Because it was SO SALTY that I knew I would be super swollen in the morning.

Ready to see what I looked like in the morning?

Haha, well you’ll have to wait for part 2.

In part 2, you also get to see the place where we hiked up to. We were definitely amazed by God’s creation. Can you tell? I was obviously engulfed in His awesomeness:


Have you ever been to Yosemite?

Did you enjoy your weekend?


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