Yosemite Retreat Part 2

So ready to see what happens to my face when I eat a super salty meal?


It makes it appear as if I spent the whole night crying, huh?

Btw, that poofy jacket I’m wearing doubles as a sleeping bag you can wear. Haha, not really, but it was on sale for 30 bucks a year ago and I found out that it wasn’t even a hood in the back. It’s like a big ol’ pillow.


I literally ate about 25 servings just like this over the course of this Yosemite trip:

And when I say “literally”… I actually mean “literally”. Kinda gross, huh?

Also… you like my cute $1 slippers in the background?


Okay. Let’s get to the HIKE!

We drove from our campground to the start of the trail, and we definitely got to enjoy seeing some of God’s creation along the way.


It was pretty awesome to have all seventeen of us hiking together:


I ran up this hill… while holding a bag of sandwiches that weighed 13 pounds. That’s about the only running I did. The rest was just a hike.


Ooh, nature’s stairmaster (I know. It’s so crazy how these stairs just formed naturally, huh?):


Even though we started around 1:00pm, the weather was cool enough because we were hiking up near the water and there was plenty of shade. It was so rewarding to go around the corner and see the waterfall and a rainbow!


We made it up to the top of Vernal Falls! Can you tell I was beaten up by that mist blasting at me from the waterfall?


We all ate lunch next to the fall:


Mmm. I love the ends of a bread loaf. I don’t know why. This sandwich had caramelized onions, cheese, tomatoes, and turkey. SO GOOD, I TELL YA. Haha, this was actually my second sandwich. The first one was scarfed down too quickly.


These other snacks tasted so much better at the top of a waterfall.


The walk down was pretty amazing. Did you know God said we can move these very mountains with just a teeny bit of faith? Except I wouldn’t have wanted to move it while we’re on there. That would probably have ruined our day.

So for those who had to park a little further, we actually walked an extra mile more than the other group. So in total, it was 6.00 miles in about 2h 20 min (I stopped the time when we were eating, of course). Woo!!!

After the hike, we stopped by at some vista points to take some pictures:

Lovely sisters:

My brother, Michael:


We stopped by at the general store near our campgrounds and I just had to get this wild huckleberry chocolate bar (it’s not like we see it anywhere around here). I made sure to share it with plenty of people. It was so rich!


Good job, young adults! Hope everyone enjoyed the hike as much as I did!


I love nature and I love breaking a sweat. We definitely got to enjoy both of them during the hike! Know why this combo is so cool? To be able to appreciate the tall trees and solid mountains, the rushing rivers and the beautiful waterfalls, knowing that God made these things… and THEN to know that He made US with even more thought and care… it just makes me feel special 🙂

I’m so thankful for God blessing me with my health. It’s easy to look at myself and see flaws, but if the Creator of the towering mountains in Yosemite also created me… who am I to question Him? I can’t take this body for granted and I’m just going to work on staying strong and healthy!


God made you strong and capable. I want you to challenge yourself today:

Go out there and do something.

Get your blood flowing and your heart pumping faster.

Go use your brain and do something that requires some thinking (<– haha… I’ll have to do this someday…).

Go out into the world and do something completely selfless (<– tough one).


Do you enjoy hiking?

Have you done anything to challenge yourself today (exercise, study, being kind/selfless)?


6 responses to “Yosemite Retreat Part 2

  1. I love your comment about how God, who created the awesome nature in Yosemite, created us with even more care! You are so right. Really helps us see things in right perspective.

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