Yosemite Retreat Part 3

Good morning and happy Tuesday to everyone!

Just letting you know… it’s going to be another LONG POST.

Okay. This is the third and final part of the Yosemite retreat recaps. It has to do with what I learned during the retreat!

1.) Bears have an excellent sense of smell. You are not allowed to leave anything with a scent (lotion, toothpaste, sunscreen, bottles of soda, packaged foods, etc.) in the car or the tent… only in the bear-proof lockers.

2.) Waterfalls are God’s way of showing you how something can be beautiful yet so powerful that it’ll kill ya if you play around with it. It is something wonderful in sight, yet something that shouldn’t be messed around with. I feel that God is majestic and wonderful, but we should also remember He is to be feared because he is so powerful!


3.) Our discussion during the first night of the retreat was so interesting! It was from Exodus chapter 16 when God provides manna for the Israelites when they are in the desert and complaining about what they don’t have (even though they just crossed a flippin’ sea to flee the Egyptians).

Manna means “what is it” because that is what they said when they first saw it… for they did not know what it was.

Juni pointed out something sooooo true: Everyday God gives us provisions and blessings but we just don’t know what it is or how to recognize it. It’s hard to see what the blessing is sometimes. Also, God provides everything that we need forthat day (just as the manna would go rotten and was filled with maggots when some of them tried to keep it for the next day). We can’t just sit around and expect a certain blessing for the next day because then we will “miss” the wonderful blessings he gave us today… and we will grumble like the Israelites did.

^Juni… you’s be a smart guy.

I may have worded it in a super confusing way.


4.) (We went over a passage that the SAP group talked about a couple weeks ago and I was reminded of it) When Jesus called a couple of his disciples who were fishermen, it says very cleared that “At once, they left their nets and followed him.”

What’s big about this? Not only did they leave at once, but they left their nets. When we choose to follow Jesus, there’s going to be a part of our old selves that we leave behind. Notice that it did not say “At once, they folded up their nets and packed their belongings and followed him.” They left it there and went.

Hey, I’m not saying that you should leave your friends and family and go somewhere else… NO WAY. I’m just saying that when we follow Him, we cannot take every bit of our old selves with us.

For me, maybe it would say “At once, I left my selfishness and pride and followed him” or “At once, I left my shame and followed him.”

For you, maybe it would say “At once, I left my anger and followed him” or “At once, I left my greed/love of money and followed him.”

I basically have to remind myself to leave my selfishness/laziness/shame and follow him every day. Not easy… since all of those things creep back into my life so easily.


We left Yosemite on Sunday around noon and stopped by at Casa de Fruta in Hollister on our way back to church:

$27 later, I was all jittery and happy from the sugar rush:


Okay. I’ll just do a quick recap of the windiest run I’ve ever been on:

^My hair usually stays in a loop, but yesterday, it was getting all crazy and my stupid bangs kept whipping my poor eyeballs. NOT COOL. Also, I was not driving the car while I took this picture.

Here it is:

15 miles, 2:04:21, average pace 8:17.

Have you ever run when it was so windy that it was hard to catch your breath? I felt like that yesterday. It made me really panicky when I felt like the air I was trying to breathe in was being blown away (does that make any sense?).

I almost turned around after the first mile, but I decided to just go for it anyways. Let me just say… this was a really difficult run because I have never run in such windy conditions before. It took a lot of mental focus and energy to keep running.

What kept me going? I told myself that these conditions could be what I face in a race, and I should just do it to be prepared mentally if I run in high winds again. I included a huge highway overpass into the run twice (meaning I went up and down that thing four times).

Running the highway overpass at the end of the run was TOUGH, especially with the wind (hey… how many times did I mention “wind” or “windy” so far?). I told myself again to just do it and push through, as if it was near the end of the race.

Also, I drank too much water (haha, like 5 huge gulps… I don’t know why) at one of the fountains and got another wicked side stitch during mile 11, meaning I had to walk about 1.5 minute. But it was okay… my last mile was 7:36, meaning I finished strong!

During this run, I used Cytomax and it was really tasty! It kind of left a tiny coat of syrupiness in my mouth, so I added some more water at one of the fountains and that made it much better. I had a Pineapple GU around mile 9.5. Fueling-wise, I think it was all good (except for having too much water before mile 11).

So much was gained through this tough run. I’m so glad I finished it! I think I’m ready for the 18-mile race on May 12th!


What are the worst weather conditions you had to endure during a run?

Who is a fan of dried fruit and candied nuts?

What is something God has provided today that you are thankful for?


3 responses to “Yosemite Retreat Part 3

  1. Hi Michelle. Can you give me some tips on training for my upcoming run? Now that I only have about 10 days left, should I train more often? Like every day? Every other day? Also, when I train, should I try to run/walk the full length of my race, just short? Thanks!

    • Hmm I don’t think you have to train everyday, maybe every other day (you can still do other exercises/tennis on the non-running days). I would say just work on trying to run the whole time (so if you were going to do 2 miles, try to run the entire time). BUT if you start to get really really tired, then of course take a 10 to 15 second walk break and then start running again. This first 5K will just be to see if you can run the entire thing. Next time will be to run it faster! 🙂

      • Yea, that’s my goal, too – just try to run the whole way without walking. Thanks Michelle!

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