Poor Pink Bear

I love sites that offer deals/coupons/offers (Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers, etc.).

Joe and I purchased a couple for the chain Pho Hoa, and I felt like getting some vermicelli today!

BBQ chicken vermicelli with basil, extra cilantro, and they gave me some green onions in oil… which was surprisingly good mixed in with everything!


The deal was $10 if you buy 20 bucks worth, so we each got iced coffees. I really love when it comes in that metal thingy (condensed milk is at the bottom of the white cup).


It’s pretty nice to get two huge bowls of food and two iced coffees for a total of 14 bucks, yeah? And that’s including tax and tip!


After work, I spent some time with my cute friend:


I told her to go find her bear, which she did.

I told her go come bring it to me… which she did not.


So once I got a hold of it, I decided to make fun of her for being short:


Hehe 🙂

… That poor pink bear. I can’t tell if she hates it and wants to chew it up completely, or loves it and doesn’t want to share it with me.


I did the 39-minute Insanity video (Cardio Power and Resistance) today! It has been a LOOONG time since I did an Insanity video, and the carpet was super mad at me for sweating all over it… or sweating way more than usual.

There is about 3 weeks until a trip to some pretty cool place…

nothing fancy…



So I really want to try to get super fit so I can go to a luau and eat roasted pig without feeling guilty!

… and also go to the beach and not feel too self-conscious in my swimsuit!

Honestly, eating half the Costco bag of trail mix probably sent me in the wrong direction, so I really have to buckle down for the next three weeks if I want to see some sweet musculature.


Do you use any of coupons sites (there are so many these days)?

Have you ever been to Hawai’i?


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