Saving Green and Drinking Green

Woo! Happy Friday!

Last night, Joe and I decided to use one of his online deals (I think it was Amazon local? Or was it Living Social?) for dinner. He let me pick from an array of different restaurants that he purchased coupons for… he’s a good guy 🙂

I wanted Sonoma Chicken Coup, and the deal was 10 bucks for $20 worth. I always try to get the price to be just over the amount needed (which is 20) and the total came out to 51 cents.

That, sirs and ma’ams, means that the total for our dinners came out to 10.51! Talk about saving some green!

I got the Apple Harvest salad with chicken added. Weirdly enough, everything was super tasty except for the chicken… it was totally just barely okay.


Joe got BBQ pulled-pork sandwich. He actually took the pulled pork out of the bread and topped his mashed potatoes with it.


He was kind enough to give some of the bread to a hungry girl nearby (ME).

^HAHAHA I love this picture… Joe’s face: I think it’s because I decided to take it right after he took a big bite of food. What a patient guy.

After dinner, I told him we could get dessert that was around $9 because that means we would both be stuffed with dinner AND dessert for under 20 bucks!

Yogurtland. Oh, how I enjoy thee.

$8.50 ish for both of us. Not bad at all.

Mine included: Vanilla, some of this new tart superberry-something-something, and plain tart. I topped it with some delicious mangoes, almonds, strawberries, blueberries, and granola. It was AWESOME.


I know I was in a weird funk from Monday to Wednesday (eating far too much chocolate and being all sad about it). Well this morning, I got up and just wanted to MOVE. Michael was up around the same time and we both headed to the gym.

Today’s workout:

Stairmaster? (the ones with the pedals that just move up and down, not the revolving staircase): 15 min for warmup; “1.60 mile”.

Treadmill #1: It was crooked, so I just ran until another one opened up. 15:54, 2.0 miles. 1% incline.

Treadmill #2: 15:20, 2.0 miles. 1% incline. It was not crooked, but I couldn’t push pace too much because I was kind of tired.

Cycling bike: 15 min. OMG SWEAT puddle, oops. I apologize for having to use like 6 paper towels to wipe the bike and floor, but it is kind of gross and hazardous to leave that much sweat there.

Stairs (revolving staircase): 10 min, 1.23 mile… but I’ll just say it was “1.20“.

[I was all over the place with the cardio machines, but I feel like when I do this, I could go on forever!.. better than slaving away on one machine for an hour!]

Michael was done with playing basketball, so then we hit up the weight area.


Chest press machine: There was some machine thing for chest press but I like it because each arm is independent from the other (so the dominant arm will not make up for the slack of the non-dominant arm). <– did that make any sense?

50#– 12 reps. Too easy

70#– 12 reps. Still pretty easy.


Bench press:

65#– 10 reps. Pretty good. I really wanted to keep perfect form, since it has been a while from my last benching session. 10th rep was a bit of struggle.

65#— 10 reps. Again, 10th rep was a bit of a struggle.


Triceps (cable pull-downs):

50#? — like 30 reps.

70#– 10 reps. Burns in the most wonderful way.

70#– triceps on FIRE!




We hit up Target after and bought some ingredients to make a green smoothie!

I used one scoop of chocolate protein powder, about 1/2 cup soy milk, two big handfuls of spinach, and a few ice cubes.

It doesn’t get much simpler. Oh, but I overblended it so it was super airy/frothy… I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time!

So simple, so green, so tasty. 😀


Do you go all cardio-machine crazy and switch around a lot? Or to you usually stick to only one?

Have you made a green smoothie before? <– I’m actually really late on this trend. Ya’ll are probably calling me a noobface for just making my first one NOW.


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