Talk to Me

HI! Woo! It’s Saturday, and I have plenty of things to get done.

Last night, Joe and I watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

It was a good movie! Funny though because when the kid did certain things, Joe would be like “… he’s so annoying.” HAHAHA!

Then we enjoyed an IPA while watching Modern Family. I loooove that show, ya’ll! Phil is so hilarious! It gets to the point where he doesn’t even have to do or say something funny and it still gives me the giggles.


I wanted to offer this email address for any questions you may have or if you wanted to talk to me about anything:

Remember, I am NOT a certified trainer or therapist of any sort. I just have my own experiences to go off on, but since I already blab enough about my life through the blog, I can offer the email to just listen to YOUR story or YOUR struggles or YOUR joys. šŸ™‚

I really want to know about my readers out there, so tell me something about you!


I gotta prepare lunch for the young adult Bible study and after that, I might stop by the gym for a quick treadmill session before studying with Joseph.


What are you Saturday plans?



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