Breath of Life

You know what’s pretty amazing?

This little baby boy, whose heart has been beating with life since a few months ago (inside Noel!) was born and took his very first breath yesterday!

Everyone say hello to Urijah!!

[It’s crazy to think that once our hearts start beating, it will NEVER STOP beating for the rest of our lives. o__O  Whoa.]

[I also love to think about breathing… God the Father and Creator was the one to breathe life into us. That pretty much means we’re way cooler than polar bears. Ha ha, stupid polar bears didn’t get the breath of life like we did :P. Humans win.]

Anyways, back to today. It was really nice to hang out in Noel’s room for over an hour, just holding her son, seeing her other visitors, and catching up with her husband, Willie.

After about an hour, some familiar faces came by to meet Urijah!

^My lovely friend, Susan, is going to be having her baby any day now. She’s actually going to be in the same hospital.

What’s even cooler? My MOM is a nurse here! She was actually Noel’s nurse for this evening :D. It was so nice to see everyone, and I was especially happy to hold cute Urijah in my arms, just staring at him breathe (and sleep). Garsh… what a good lookin’ boy!

In times like these, you have to thank God for a healthy and strong baby, safe delivery, and mom looking so fresh! I was so surprised because she didn’t look tired at all!


I headed back to church, and Michael, Juni, and I went to Milpitas for a summer youth retreat counselors’ meeting. I super duper love these meetings (which is not usually a thing that happens very often). Everyone is soooo funny and kind! It makes me crack up in that crazy, glass-shattering, eardrum-bursting way that no one likes. Your fault for making me laugh.

Dinner was one of my favorites… bibimbap! What was amazing was that the yolk was runny! So delicious:


Dang. Whoever picked out these fruits is awesomes. They were all SO SWEET and perfectly ripe! It was that sweetness where it ALMOST hurts your teeth, but it doesn’t… ya know what I’m talking about?


After some worship and prayer, we were given some delectable sweets to take with us to our committee meetings. I got half a donut and half a bear claw-ish pastry.


Umm… I wondered at times if we were doing the meeting wrong because we would LAUGH and LAUGH for so long and so frequently! But it makes sense because we’re the Activities committee/group and we are in charge of coming up with the games (and some other things) for this retreat.

The most hilarious comment: “MAAAAN! Why aren’t I a camper at this retreat??”  😉


After the meeting, we decided to make a quick stop at a fine, American establishment for some post-late night snack/pre-sleep snackage:

Oh, Yogurtland. Why must you draw me in by being so wonderfully lit?

Hey! This location is cool because they let you guess the price of your frozen yogurt and if you do, you get it for free! I had two flavors of yogurt, mangoes, strawberries, vanilla wafers, two types of almonds, Reese’s pieces, and peanut M&M’s.

I was sure this thang was heavy, and the manager just reminded me that it was $0.33 per ounce. I was in no shape to attempt calculating with how heavy I thought it was, so I just guessed big… “$5.75” I say.

Oops. It ended up being around 4 bucks. WOW did I overshoot! Oh, well. I’ll get the exact same amount of the same exact things next time and guess 4 bucks. Muahahaha!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

UMMM, I have NOT been good about working out… and it’s definitely showing. I guess the month of May will have to be BEAST MODE month.


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