Sugar Crash

Last night, our family went out to dinner for some SUSHI. We went to Sushi O Sushi, which is a change up of our usual sushi spot. Too bad our server was whatevs… at least the food was good.

I ordered a steamed salmon and veggie appetizer (which is actually pretty filling and could be enough for a meal). Hey, it was 8 bucks and so healthy! I can probably eat this every night.

I had about 2 pieces of each of these rolls (a spicy tuna maki and Rocky roll).

After the sushi dinner, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Lakers-Nuggets game. We had a perfect view from the booth and it was a fun game to watch (and it’s a good thing the Lakers won)!


I had a test the study for this morning. Don’t worry. I had some trusty study buddies with me:

Holy crap, that thing has 28g of sugar!!! I drank it a few hours after breakfast on an empty stomach. Garsh… that’s probably why about an hour after I drank it, I went to the kitchen and ate a whole bunch of random things. First, it was a sandwich, then some fruit. Then I went back two minutes later and made this:

I know it looks totally gross, but it was so good: Chobani strawberry Greek yogurt, 3/4 cup Go Lean Crunch, 1 scoop PB, and then a Peanut butter cookie Larabar crumbled on top of it.

Too much? I agree.

You know, I’ve read about how such a huge intake of sugary goods will send your blood sugar levels spiking up and then crashing, which then makes you tired… which makes you seek out more sugar… I got to experience it firsthand today.

Yikes. When I thought about it, my humongous random-things-in-a-bowl “snack” was very high in sugar, too.

o___O  It’s definitely something I’ll have to watch out for.


After going to school, then work, and back to school (I think I did okayy on the test), I hit up the gym for a quick treadmill run.

Today’s workout:

Treadmill: I warmed up around 8:00 min per mile, then kept increasing it until I hit 4.00 miles. It took 30:37, and I kept switching up the incline from 0.5% to 1.5% every couple of minutes (simulating teeny tiny hills). That’s a 7:39 pace!

I hope to have that kind of pace when I run the 10K this Saturday. Then I will be a 1 minute PR!

When I got home, I did about 20 minutes of upper body work while watching the season finale of The Biggest Loser. I thought I knew for sure who won… well, I don’t want to give any spoilers (in case you haven’t seen it yet) but it’s CRRRAAAZY.

Know what else is awesome? My green protein shake:

^Hey, is it weird to be kind of freaked out by my own face? No? Okay, good.

So I used one scoop of Michael’s protein powder (which as 24g of protein, thank you), two handfuls of spinach, some water, a handful of frozen berries, and a few ice cubes. Blend until smooth and consume within 30 minutes of working out.


So two weeks from tomorrow, I am off to Hawai’i with my family! Know what that means?

OPERATION HAWAI’I BOOTY will be under way. I will basically have to eat relatively clean (I don’t think I will completely eliminate my weekly gallon of fro-yo, but I’ll have to take it down a notch) and step it up with my workouts… but it’s actually the eating clean part that is more difficult for me.

I want to incorporate more heavy lifting and Insanity workouts, on top of some speedwork (<– haha, we’ll see) in running. I will also try to drink the green protein smoothie after every workout. Hopefully the results will show! I don’t want girls to be scared to lift heavy and beast in the gym, okiedoke? But again… I’ll try to look my best so that you can see what weight-lifting can do for you.


Do you like sushi? Or any Japanese food?

What is one super sugary beverage you can do away with? (I used to be a Diet Coke addict! Now I don’t like any kind of soda)

Do you work out more during this time to prepare for swimsuit season?


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