“God is Lord”

Guess what… today, I got to meet a special little girl. She is the daughter of two amazing parents and has her mother’s beautiful eyes… but more on that in a tiny bit.


The day started off great! I went over to my favorite store, Road Runner Sport, to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s race. Being the patient person that I am, I waited until I got to the car to dig through and see what kinds of goodies I got! Here’s the cute v-neck shirt and my race bib:

And here be the swag:

I’m likin’ the little Planter’s PB packet the most out of all of these.


Afterwards, I got a quick lunch with Joe. He had a coupon for Baja Fresh and we got a butt-ton of food for just under 11 bucks! I may have gone a little crazy with the salsa bar. These were all for me:


I got the chicken soft taco entree (comes with rice and beans), Joe got a burrito, and the meal came with chips and salsa. I actually ended up eating a LOT of chips because there were so many salsas to choose from.


As if all that weren’t enough, I ate some 2% Greek yogurt+PB+Kashi cereal+honey after the Mexican feast:

I guess Operation Hawai’i booty is kaputz for today?


I was so full, but still in good spirits. It was time to go see Susan, Russell, and Eliyah!

On my way in, I happened to see Willie coming out, meaning that Noel and Urijah were inside! Hehe, two newborns got to see meet each other. They are both such blessed babies… strong, healthy, and having incredibly loving parents 🙂


I hung out for about an hour, just seeing how Russell and Susan were doing and holding this bundle of awesome:


Eliyah told me not to tell anyone, but I have to… she said, “You’re my favorite aunt, but you could really use a mint.”

True story.

… just kidding. Only the second part is true. 😛

Congratulations, Russell and Susan!

By the way, Eliyah is Hebrew for “God is Lord.” How beautiful is that?

Just think about how Christians declare God as our Lord and Savior, yet most of us really live our lives as if He is only our savior. He rescued us from our sins and boom… we go on with our own lives and feel thankful for His grace and mercy. We forget sometimes that God should be the LORD OF OUR LIVES. How much more beautiful will this world be if we live everyday knowing that God is Lord? If He is the one who is always guiding us and leading us?

Beautiful name, beautiful baby, beautiful family. 🙂

Also, her nickname is Elli, which Susan said is “light” in French. I think I’ll call her Yahyah. My special nickname for her.

Hahaha, just kidding.


I am still debating whether I should go lift and do upper body work with Michael and Tammy or just lay around and rest for tomorrow’s race.

Wish me luck! I hope I can get a PR tomorrow 🙂



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