And I’m Off!

6:00 AM wake up (couldn’t sleep from midnight until 3:00 AM, but whatever).

Got my bib pinned.

Garmin and Sansa Fuze (<– for the cool kids who don’t want to spend monies on an ipod) charged.

Got my awkward foot in the corner.

I’m gonna rock this 10K like it’s everybody’s business. Some legitimate things are about to happen, my friends. I don’t even know what I’m talking about because it’s so dang early.

Thank you, Target and Old Navy for your cheap   inexpensive workout clothes. I will be amazingly comfortable and not broke as I run my heart out.

I’ll let you know how things went later tonight.

🙂 Wish me luck (and if you’re reading this in the afternoon, you can definitely send retroactive good luck to me. I need as much as I can get).

And, of course, I want to thank my Lord for blessing me with thunder thighs.

Here I go, folks!


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