Western Pacific 10K Result!

It was a beautiful day for a race! The Western Pacific Marathon/Half Marathon/10K/5K was held this morning at the Quarry Lakes in Fremont, CA.


I didn’t get any pictures before the race or during it, but I got plenty of photos afterward.


I got a few people from my church to run today, and that was awesome. It’s always nice to see familiar faces and to have people to celebrate with when you’re done.

^ Great job to Neal, (me), Jane, Jenny, Sandie, JungAh, and Addie. It was the first race for some of them! Woo hoo!!!

Post-race, there were plenty of goodies to grab (such as the PowerBar chews, PowerBar gels, and 5 Hour Energy). They also had plenty of fruit, pastries, and cakes. I didn’t grab anything because I ate a banana and a Clifbar only 20 minutes before the starting time (because we were running late), so that ended up sitting like a rock in my stomach.


So how did I do?

^It was a bit over 10K, but I’m still quite happy with this time. 7:41 pace? I’ll take it.  The road was actually on a dirt/gravel path (with only the very last part on concrete), so it was a tiny bit harder than I anticipated.

I’m also happy because…

…  I WAS THE THIRD WOMAN to finish the 10K! YAAAAAY!!!

And special thanks to Steve for coming out and taking so many pictures for us! Also, he was so kind and generous to get breakfast for all the runners. Thanks, again!!!


I was in a state of bliss for the rest of the morning:

Yeah, I know. Grossness to the maximus.

Today is a good day. I should go eat some Mexican food in honor of Cinco de Mayo, yeah? Oh, wait. I already  had authentic Mexican food yesterday at Baja Fresh. 😉


A couple of us actually jog/walked an extra 1.5 miles today because we parked far from the starting line. I think that 0.75 mile jog before the race got me really warmed up. It worked out perfectly!


We’re all going to wear our race shirts tomorrow at church so everyone thinks we’re super awesome and decides to register the next time we do a race, hehehe.

How was your Saturday?

Anyone else race?

3 responses to “Western Pacific 10K Result!

  1. It was fun today, running with you & other friends! And the weather was so nice, too. Thanks for getting us, I mean encouraging us all to run on the race, Michelle!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I will continue to encourage everyone to run a race. You’ll be surprised by what you’re capable of and so happy to realize how richly God has blessed us with these healthy bodies!

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