The Night After the Race

Happy Sunday, everyone! What beautiful day ūüôā

Check out all the swag and goodies I got yesterday:

Okay, before you get mad at me for taking enough for like five people, just know that some of the other church runners gave me theirs after realizing that a lot of it is for longer distance running. Swit.

But I was greedy and took three 5 Hour Energy. Then I saw that it was grape flavor… oh, well. Anyone tried it before? Does it really give you energy?

Here are some pictures from yesterday. Me and my awkward hand… we always run our races together:

I held my MP3 player in my hand after realizing the back pocket was too small for it. It worked out fine.


After the race, Joe came over to hang out and study. I probably should have studied, too, but I ended up taking a fat nap while he studied for his finals. I don’t know what the big deal is… it’s only¬†law school.

I woke up from my nap because I was hungry (<– weird?). I wanted some kind of Mexican food, so we went to¬†Rio Adobe¬†(which I think is actually Southwestern cookin’?).

I love this place because they have a salsa bar and they give you fresh chips with your order.

You better believe I made eight trips to the salsa bar and filled up four containers with different salsas each time! That corn and black bean salsa is my favorite.

I always order the same Toss House salad when I come here:

I ate all of it AND 1.5 cup worth of the corn and black bean salsa mixed in with it. So very very awesome.


I realized that with another race next weekend (EIGHTEEN MILER) I’m probably not going to eat¬†that¬†healthily. I will continue to lift/run/spin/Insanity-ize and hope that I can be in tip top shape for Oahu.


What do you like to do for the rest of the day after you ran a race?

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!



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