Thai Food and Art

Guess what I got to work on yesterday? Some artsy stuff for work 🙂

Before I get to the near-finished product, let me take you through my wonderful Sunday…

We had a wonderful service and a super filling lunch (rice, sprouts, beef, egg, and sauce, with kimchi on the side). I ate two of these huge plates.

When it was almost 3:00p.m., several of the young adults headed over to Starbucks to get half-off Fraps!!!

It was perfect because the weather was so hot yesterday!

I got myself a venti green tea frap. SO GOOD, I tell ya!

After that, Chimi, Tammy, and I went to Michael’s Crafts store to buy some thangs.

It was kind of hilarious because we were there for an hour just going “OMG, look at this!” and “Ohh, this is so cool!” I ended up buying some paint and a canvas set of 7 that Tammy pointed out. SO FUN! I love crafts stores!


I met up with Joe and he studied while I got to my little art project.

We took a break to get some dinner and went to Old Siam (Thai food) because Joe had a coupon for it.

We started off with Thai Iced tea (he got Thai iced coffee):

^Did you know you’re allowed to get refills here??? So we each got one refill to have as “dessert” at the end of the meal.

The meal started off with spring rolls:

Then the pineapple fried rice and BBQ’d pork arrived:

These two were BOMB. I would have been perfectly fine with just these two awesomes.

But we had some more monies we had to spend (to reach 35 bucks). We got the Pad Thai, thinking it was a no-fail pick. Somehow, it failed so much that I didn’t even take a picture.

How do you mess up Pad Thai? Make it so unbalanced in flavors (all sweet, to hint of salt) that even I think it’s weird or took notice. Garsh. It’s got to be pretty bad when someone who devours everything-no-problem has to comment on the balance of flavors being off

Otherwise, everything else was fantastical!

The most amazing thing??? We got all that food for $22.72 (which includes tax and tip, and the cost of the coupon). Yeah, I know. Kind of crazy, right?


Here be my nearly finished painting:

Hey, for you artists out there… this is already kind of busy-looking. I need help with what to do with the white spaces… leave it/paint it black/paint it off-white?

Plus, this is the first time I’ve ever painted on a canvas with paint. If my technique is all noobface, don’t make fun of me. I have no idea what I’m doing, haha.


How was your Sunday?

Are you going to be enjoying those half-off Fraps from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Starbucks?

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