Bikram Walk with Mama

It’s Wednesday! The week is almost over!… not that I work full time or anything… I just like weekends.

During the late morning today, my mom and I decided to walk to Downtown Saratoga, which is less than a mile from our home. It may sound easy, but our house is on a mountain, so there are plenty of hills before we get to the relatively flat downtown.

The weather was super warm (around 80 degrees), but at least it made everything look nice (except the two of us, since we were both sweating so much!):

We went into some shops that we’ve never been to, and also discovered some new areas in that tiny downtown. How have I never seen this area (I’ve been living here since 1st grade)! I walked up and down those stairs while waiting for my mama in a jewelry store.

On our way up, it was all HUGE uphills and lots of stairs. I had to keep waiting for my mom to catch her breath in the shade.

C’mon, Mom. You’re only 61.5 years old. This should be easy…

Hey. BTW, that race where I was the 3rd place woman? Guess who was second place… a 61-year-0ld!!! I even saw her pass me right at the end (while I was feeling nauseous and sort of wheezing)!


I went to work… and the air conditioning wasn’t working. It’s cool. All the tutors and students got a free sweat session while also teaching/learning how to read. Hurray for the bonus!


Perfect way to cool off before class?

Half-off Fraps, yo.

^That Perfectly Simple Zone Perfect bar is good, but I like their peanut one better (DUH). Sometimes when I chew this one, it feels like I’m eating the shells on the nuts or something. Blech.


So today’s workout so far:

2.75 mile walk with Mama (it was like a bikram walk or something. We were both sweating like crazy!).

I also want to do some yoga to stretch out my entire backside (especially hamstrings). I will probably do the YogaX one… or I might just watch some Daily Show with John Stewart and do my own thang.


If you haven’t already, please visit this site and support team Ohana a Akua! Our team is raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and we have until June 9th!


Anyone have big plans set for Mother’s day?

Are your parents fit and athletic? (My dad is athletic. He plays tennis 4 times a week, 3 hours each time. For the math-impaired, that’s 12 hours of tennis per week).

2 responses to “Bikram Walk with Mama

  1. I really like Peanut butter flavored bars, too! Especially with chocolate haha. Is the YogaX the p90 Yoga? If so, I’ve been doing that video for about 2 weeks. Really good and I really like it!

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