Hey. Guess what much of my day has been full of? PAINTING.

This new one is nearly complete:

It’s not 100% complete, but I’m done working on it for today. Any guesses as to what it was inspired by?

It’s a combination of two things:



Yups. I love the idea of blowing bubbles or the little dandelion weeds everywhere. Why? Well I work with kids as a tutor (I’m doing this painting for work) and when I was a kid, I would love doing both of these things at the park and watching them fly off with a gentle breeze.

We would usually get in trouble for blowing the weeds around… but it was well worth it 😉

You’ve already seen my other project, yeah?

I like my bubble-weed one better. Also, I should come up with a better name for that painting.

These are some other ones I’m working on for some cool peoples:



Okay, okay, I know. These are all super noob status, but whatever. I love to play with colors, shapes, things overlapping (can you tell it’s my “thing”? They all have nearly the same things going on, hahaha). Remember, this is my very first time doing paintings and working on a canvas and such. So if you’re a real artist, just entertain me and be all like “Oh, yeaaahhh, that’s… that’s nice.” 


Anyone else who paints for a hobby?

Anyone who is lucky and talented enough to paint (or do anything else art-related) as a profession??

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