Game Plan for Tomorrow’s 18-miler

As you know, my week was totally funk. I had a big ol’ dip where I felt pretty low, and then I kind of snapped out of it yesterday evening. I’m feeling much better and trying to get back to staying positive ūüôā

Yesterday’s workout:

(I ended up going to the gym before SAP group meeting)

Stairclimber:¬†20 minutes,¬†and something like 2.70 miles, but I’ll just round down to¬†2.5 miles.¬†Went from level 11 and slowly increased to level 14 (which is right before I feel like I have to stay on my toes/jog up the steps).

Cycle class:¬†Say whaaaa? I decided that since there was a class and it wasn’t full that I would hop on the bike and sweat like crazies.¬†50 minutes¬†of sweat-dripping cycling… feeling awesomes.

What is my next move???

TREADMILL:¬†Haha, of course. (Did you know that up to that point, I hadn’t run since last Saturday’s race? Maybe that’s why I was so sad and sat around eating a bag of trail mix and bowls of rice all by my lonesome!) It was short, but good enough. 1 mile¬†in 8:07,¬†and then I walked another couple minutes for 0.25 mile to cooldown.


Well, garsh. I’ve got a race tomorrow morning and I totally feel out of shape. I’m pretty much going out there and do my best. That’s exactly what I was thinking until I read THIS in Fitness magazine:

Okay, FINE. I won’t go out there and¬†just do my best. I’ll go out there with a goal of running an average pace¬†below 8:00. That’s right peoples… my BIG BIG goal will be to try to run overall¬†sub-8’s¬†for EIGHTEEN GRUELING MILES.

It’s not going to be fun… it’s not going to be easy… but it’s going to be SO WORTH IT in the end to accomplish it (if I do, harhar).

Hey, I’ll be happy if I can land an average 8:05 pace, too!

So last year’s race was actually about 17.40 miles (this year might be a tiny bit shorter than 18 as well). My time was 2:21:45 (that’s 2 hours, 21 min, 45 seconds. WHO DOES THAT??? My high school self would definitely given me a right jab into the solar plexus if I told her that I paid money to run for that long).

Anyways, that was an average pace of 8:09 min per mile. I’m really hoping that I got faster and smarter than last year. Why? I was warned from the get-go to take my first couple of miles easy and not zoom off. First mile?¬†7:14.¬†Second mile?¬†7:07.¬†Hahaha, can you guess what my last two miles where?¬†9-somethings.

[BUT GUESS WHAT… I still ended up on the leaderboard! I was lucky that it went all the way to 5th place, hahaha].

So this race, I will reign it in, turn on the radio to the¬†K-LOVE¬†station and hope for some super slow praise songs… at least for the first couple of miles. Then I’ll turn it to my unce-unce-unce music and haul these thunder thighs for the remaining miles.


Oooh. I had my favorite for lunch today:

BBQ CHICKEN VERMICELLI. And Joe was kind enough to leave all the sprouts from his pho for me (I love to eat it at the end when it soaks up all the flavor and MSG.¬†Mmmm… MSG…).

I will probably eat something else carb-rich for dinner tonight. I want to have the perfect bloat for tomorrow’s race (don’t worry. I use up all the stored glycogen and I sweat like crazy, so I end up being my normal size by the end of the race. It’s kind of hilarious and cool).

I’ll be seeing some sisters from the other church at tomorrow’s race as well! It’s going to be so fun to see them ūüėÄ


Who’s racing this weekend?

Anyone else make some rookie mistakes in their first few races?


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