I Did It!

I told you good things were going to happen. Sleeping so well before a race? God just gave me the confidence today (or… for the most part).

^This is how bright and warm it was at 7:00 a.m. Yikes! I don’t really do so well in the heat… so my confidence was somewhat shaken.

It was a warm 61 degrees at the start of the 7:30 a.m. race. My, God. Even THAT’S warm enough! But let me just say… it got much hotter in the second half of the race (and well into the 70’s at the end).

[Speaking of hot, my condolences to the 50 bugs that died a saltly-sweat-drowning death (on my flippin’ face) today. It was fun wiping all of you off my neck and out of my eyeballs after the race.]

I had water for the first few stations (which were each less than 2 miles apart from each other). Then I got some Gatorade before mile 7 (which wasn’t diluted at all… so I had that somewhat syrupiness in my mouth, which was nasties). I had my first GU around 8.5, and I was kind of shocked by the Island Nectar flavor. Super strong and somewhat sour? Not my fave… but whatevs. It did the trick.

I switch off between water and Gatorade at each station until mile 12.5, where I had another GU (chocolate one, which was just dandy).

Oh, yeah… all while this is happening, I’m laying down all SUB- 8:00’s like I had hoped. I had some solid sub-8:00’s until the half-marathon point, and then mile 13, 14, and 15 were exactly 8:00, haha.

By this time, I had caught up with the 2nd place runner (1st place was off on her own the whole time!). I learned later that her name was Tammy and she is SUPER SWEET! Haha, unless you are two bikers who decide to stop and block the entire path… then she’ll let you know that you gots to MOVE IT. <— I wanted to thank her for doing that, hehe 😀

So there I was with petite Tammy, and she’s telling me that she had run 5 marathons in the past couple of weeks. (o__O  ) Come again?

Yup. This girl is in awesome shape, and she is just a MACHINE! But of course, she wanted to push me, so she kept trying to get me to go faster… don’t let anyone catch up or get near us… to go ahead of her.

I graciously let her take the second spot (<— HAHAHA, WHAT A LIE!… From miles 16 to 18, I was DYING and my form was getting all funk, my feet were skidding on the stupid gravel… it was an ugly finish).

But finish, I did. IN THIRD PLACE, FRIENDS.

There’s the finish! And can you tell it was a hot day? Not a cloud in the sky! Bright as can be!

I got my drink on with FRS.

That thing was GOOD. It was only 20 calories for the whole thing and tasted like liquid candy!

Then it was time to find some peoples (Joy and Yoona!) to celebrate with. I was talking with these two ladies on the right, who also ran the 18-miler. Awesome job!!!

Congratulations to Nurse Susan for her half marathon PR!!! What to go, nurse!

And great job to ALL the finishers!

Okay. It took a long time, but the final results finally came out. BOOM, BABY. #3 overall, and #1 in my age group!

^I don’t know if you can see it way on the right, but my average pace was 7:57 min/mile. I met my goal of running an average of sub-8:00’s!!! WOO HOOO!

Great job to Misty for coming in second in her age group for the half marathon!

Great job, Priscilla on coming in first in your age group for your first half marathon!!

They were calling out the overall places for the Sirena 18-miler. When they called Tammy up for second place, she gave me a big ol’ hug. 🙂 Tammy, amazing job! You are so sweet and so blessed with kindness and athleticism!

I CAN’T BELIEVE I GET TO STAND ON THE PODIUM! I don’t care if I squeak in with 3rd place 😀

I got first in my age group! It’s pretty flippin’ awesome to stand on the top podium, not gonna lie.

And Tammy got first in her age group! Amazing job!

I was so excited to see what I got! I kind of love that you get two separate prizes for placing in top three and in the age group, hehe.


(clockwise: water canteen thing, tote bag, $25 gift card to the Sports Basement, box of 12 Zico coconut waters, box of Luna Bars, another tote bag, a lanyard kind of thing, and a “sweat pink” tank.)

This was such a memorable race! I love that it’s all about women and celebrating how strong and capable we are! Great job to all the finishers and I especially applaud those who ran their first race or a new distance 🙂

Praise God for keeping me strong and being with me all the way through the race. Thank you, Father, for blessing me with these thunder thighs of mine.

Say it with me everyone: ENDORRRPHINSSS! (<— must be said in a high-pitched voice).


The younger sisters had a pampering day for the older sisters of our church today, but I’ll leave that recap for tomorrow.

I’m just going to sit back and watch the Lakers game (OMG GAME 7) with Mr. Joseph.


Anyone else race this morning?

Who out there is good at running in the heat (and by “heat”, I mean anything above 65)?


10 responses to “I Did It!

  1. YAY congrats on a great 18-mile race!!! that actually sounds like such a FUN distance!! I always thought the marathon was my ‘perfect-distance’ but i’ve been loving the half’s I’ve been doing lately, so I bet I’d really like 18!
    sleep before a race is something I don’t even think about, some races I sleep really well before, and some I toss&turn all night…I ignore all thoughts about sleep because I’ve got to keep my confidence high!
    I’ve been running in the heat too, trying to get ready for the summer racing season…i’ve definitely noticed I’m a lot more dehydrated by the end of the day!
    I hope you’ve been having a great weekend!

    • Wow! Summer racing! I feel like I’ve gotten so many races out of the way, I’ll probably make summer my semi-off season and start the racing again in the fall. Haha, that’s how much I avoid the heat. But I guess I shouldn’t hide from it and just try it this year. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you for posting! This is my first time seeing the photos from yesterday. Congrats on another PR Michelle~ You’re so great!!! You have an amazing gift. So exciting to see that you’re sharing your gift with others.Good luck with the race next week with the ladies from your church. Go Michelle!!

  3. Hi Michelle!
    Just took some Mermaid run photos from you.. hope it’s okay with you ^^.
    Thank you so much!!!!

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