Spacation Day For Our Sisters

So yesterday after the race, I washed up, did a mad quick sweep of my house, and Tammy and Chimi came by to start prepping for our special surprise for the older sisters of our church (who happened to all be moms).

We did really simple (and cheap inexpensive) decorations around the living room, and the girls came prepared with all sorts of hors d’oeuvres. You girls are amazings.


Since it was after my 18-mile race, I was dressed down to major jock-status (compression socks, yo!). It’s all good. I was able to hobble at a quick and efficient pace, and we got done right with everything as the moms started arriving.


We had two more moms arrive later, but we got started with these lovelies.


They were able to get their nails done by Miss Chimi:


And get a facial (all homemade, natural facials!) from Miss Tammy, and a massage from ME (see part of me in the back?).


It was an evening of pampering, relaxing, and having no worries. It was basically the opposite of their everyday lives, harhar.


Best of all, they got to do it in the comfort of the most beautiful decor and the classiest, most upscale of places (NO, those are not sleeping bags and throw blankets on the floor!)


We younger sisters are so lucky to be blessed with so many older sisters. You are all so kind, wise, generous, and nurturing! We love you!


I’m super sore in my arse and quads. I don’t plan on doing any cardio, but I’m going to take a yoga class! SO EXCITED TO STRETCH EVERYTHING OUT.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I hope you take care of mom/get taken care of (if you ARE a mom) today. Let her get pampered and relax for a day. I’m think it should be a little more often than just Mother’s Day and her birthday… but it’s a start, yeah?


2 responses to “Spacation Day For Our Sisters

  1. Thanks, Michelle, Tammy & Chimi, for a wonderful afternoon of pampering and relaxation! You guys transported us to a faraway spa in Thailand or some other tropical paradise, and spoiled us rotten! It was a special treat for me since I’ve never had a facial, massage or a pedicure. You, younger sisters are sooooo thoughtful and kind!

    • It was really our pleasure to take care of you wonderful sisters 😀
      You deserve more than just one day out of the year to relax and be taken care of (since ya’ll are usually the caretakers)!

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