So Sore, Definitely DOMS

It’s Monday! And I woke up without my alarm after 9.5 hours of sleep. I was hoping the fat amount of sleep would be enough for my muscles to be fresh, but my legs ended up being even more sore than yesterday! I’m guessing that it’s DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

So I was supposed to take a Cycle class this morning, but that’s obviously not going to do any good, so I’m considering just taking an easy bike ride with Michael once he wakes up (our rooms are right next to each other. I bet if I stomp around and make a lot of noise, he’ll wake up, hehehe. I’ll be nice and let him sleep in today though :P).

Yesterday, I asked Michael to steam some milk so we can try this jazz:

It was interesting and tasted more like chai than matcha (which is fine by me). I have another one that is just the matcha powder, which I’m planning on adding to some protein shakes or maybe with some steamed milk and honey.


I took a yoga class yesterday at 98point6 Yoga which is less than 10 minutes from my home. It was a fun class! I have taken Bikram yoga before, and this was way way way better (definitely not as hot, though they still make it rather warm and humid). The instructor was pretty funny, great at giving instructions, and the 90 minutes flew by!

I got a sweet stretch in all the right places, and I took a quick cold shower there (only because I couldn’t get it to turn hot) and raced off to  church!

Church was (of course) lovely! The mothers sang a song for us. For some reason, we have a weird tradition of having the moms sing on Mother’s day and dads sing on Father’s day.

For lunch, I ate pizza, salad, finished Michael’s pizza, and then ate a bunch of ice cream and cake. O___o  What ever happened to getting in shape for Hawai’i?? Whatevs. I’m sure they’ll appreciate a little badonkadonk and thunder thigh action.

Speaking of Hawai’i, anyone watch Hawaii Five-0? I don’t, but I’ve been told a couple times that I look like Grace Park, the actress on that show.

Well, to be more specific, they said I look like a fatter version of her.


Anyways, yesterday was the last day to get the half-off fraps at Starbucks, so I got a Venti Green Tea Frap again. Last one for a while (I’ll try to make it myself at home with my matcha powder!).

^And btw, I’m am LOVIN’ the race shirt from the Mermaid run!! Super pretty, yeah?


Since I ate so much for lunch, I went home and decided to sweat for the second time! I decided to do a video I’ve never done… something that works my upper body (since my legs were still kind of sore).

P90X Shoulders and Arms! I have never actually done all the videos because I assumed that there would be a lot of pushups and pullups, all of which I cannot do… but this one sounded like it would be perfect for me.

IT WAS. I had my 8#, 10#, and 12# dumbbells. I worked mostly with the 12’s and it did the trick. My shoulders were shredded and they feel sore in a delightful way this morning. It was a 1 hour video (including warm up, stretch, breaks, and cooldown stretch). I followed it up with 5 minutes of shoulder burnouts with my dinky 3# dumbbells, 5 minutes of plank (90 sec + 90 sec + 60 sec right side + 60 sec left side). I hopped on the elliptical to finish watching the Fringe episode that I had on, but Michael called me and asked if I wanted to get dinner.


We (my brothers, Joe, and I) went to a pho place, and I decided to get this chicken and vegetable dish. It was totally yummy, and though it’s probably high in sodium because of all the sauce, I didn’t really give a crap (I just worked out for more than an hour and had a savage appetite).

I helped Joe out with some of his chicken vermicelli, which he could not finish (weaksauce. Or I’m just a beast). Then we all went to my home and Joe read me an article about Kobe Bryant’s dad (I asked him to read it out loud to me, in his best storyteller voice). Then some Modern Family action and then Joe went home.


BTW, my mom went in to work around 7:00 pm, so we will be celebrating Mother’s Day with her another time.

That, or we are just the worst children in the whole wide world.


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I also hope you go outside this week and get nice and sweaty! Summer is just around the corner 😀


6 responses to “So Sore, Definitely DOMS

  1. Hey you do kinda look like grace park! and OMG you MUST MUST MUST watch hawaii 5-0 haha 😀 it is the most amazing show ever!!! 🙂

  2. ok so i just finished reading a few of your posts ( i just found your blog so i have some catching up to do 😉 ) and it’s really eery how similar you look to Grace Park! lol that might sound strange but you look like you could be her little sister or something 🙂

    btw how old r u? you don’t have to answer if ya don’t want 2, im just curious 🙂 bye for now!

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    • Now that you mention it, yea, you do kinda look like Grace Park. You’re lucky, at least she’s tall, thin & pretty (like yourself, I might add). A few people have said I look like Margaret Cho (the comedian), and she is not tall, thin & pretty 😛

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