14+ Miles Covered in 1:10!!!

That’s right! We’re so speedy!… but we weren’t running, hehe.

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride with Michael. It was supposed to be a nice and easy ride (at least easier than taking a Spin class for an hour). The weather was pretty awesome! It definitely wasn’t too hot, somewhat overcast when we started out.

We biked over 14 miles in about 1 hour and 10 minutes  (I mapped the route on mapmyrun.com and was pleasantly surprised it was more than what I guessed). This was almost the halfway point, where we stopped to drink some water.

(^Jealous of my pretty mermaid-blue bike? What?? It looks like a kid’s bike? Dangit).

We only had a couple of other small breaks to adjust this and that, otherwise, we were moving the whole time. We biked on the same path that I usually run on (Los Gatos Creek Trail). Gosh it’s so weird covering so much distance in much less time!

Might I say… God is truly good to us for making the earth so beautiful. He made it all sunny when we finished our bike ride. What perfect timing!

It’s funny because I felt like this was a great shake out ride, almost like a recovery ride… until we got home and I stepped out of the car.

My hamstrings and butt were on TIIIGHT. I guess those mild hills are easier to run up than to bike up? My arse did not know how to handle it. I quickly drank a chocolate pumpkin protein smoothie (haha, I just added pureed pumpkin to it. Beta carotene or whatever, yeah?). Michael had some, too 🙂


Class was quite interesting. I need to study more. That’s the end of that.


We didn’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day with Joe’s family yet, so we went out to Sushi O Sushi to get our grub on.

I, being so attracted to such a healthy and affordable dish, did not even order sushi! I went with this steamed salmon and vegetable special (this is my third time ordering it. Not sick of it yet!).

Wow. This picture makes it looks so totally not appetizing.. but don’t worry. It was super good and exactly what I would want to eat every day if I could. 🙂 I lav it.

Joe and Josh were kind enough to give me some pieces of their sashimi, so I still got my raw-fish-fix yesteryday.

We went back to their home after and did the family small group Bible study. We had some good laughs and a great time of sharing, as always. I’m so glad we’re doing this together!

If you are looking for material for a short quiet time/devotional to do, we us the SWIM-Living Life series (in fact, our whole church is using this material as well). OMG, you should do it with us! Just find 10 to 15 minutes in your day to read a short passage and the reflection parts. Before you know it, the daily QT will be a part of your daily routine!


Hawai’i is so close. Haha, I am not really in the best shape ever, but whatevs. How can I not enjoy myself because I’ve got some pockets of extra insulation in my tummy and thighs? I’ll still get a sweet tan and eat some awesome food.

Here is my tentative plan for workouts:

Today’s workout:

Run outside for about an hour (around 7 to 7.5 miles)

Yoga class (60 minutes)

Tomorrow’s workout:

Insanity video (one of the 1-hour Max Interval videos)

Yoga class (60 minutes)

Thursday’s workout:

AbRipperX in the early morning before we leave (7:20am for the airport).

I’m going to run around in Hawai’i, too. Perhaps some beach running? I bet it won’t look so nice though… I’ll just be running at a slant and have sand in my shoes that I cannot shake out for all eternity.


What are your workout plans today?

Who’s ready for beach season?

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