Smile, it’s Tuesday! (<— when I worked in a doctor’s office, there was a happy FedEx guy who always came in and said, “Smile! It’s (day of the week)!” One time it was Monday, and I was like “No smile yet, it’s only Monday” or something sad and ridiculous. He asked me, “Well you woke up this morning, alive and breathing?” I nodded. Then he said, “Well, thank the Lord for that! It’s something to smile about!”).

Every day is a blessing from the Lord.


Did you know that there are a bunch of hormones at work in your body, some that work with your sympathetic nervous system, others that are secreted when glucose levels are up in the body… and they’re all functioning, even without our knowing or awareness of them?! God created these bodies of ours, and though things may go wrong and not function properly all the time, we can do our part to keep it healthy, and pray to our Creator for healing when needed.

It’s easy for me to write a run-on sentence.


This morning, my alarm startled me awake, and I had to snooze it a couple times. It was enough for me to talk myself out of going out for a run. Say whaaaaat?

I made up so many excuses… “Oh, got up too late. Can’t run now.” Or “Where are my running capris? Oh, well. Guess I can’t run.” Or “I sort of have a pimple and I don’t want to put sunblock on because of it. Oh, well. I can run another day.” 

Guess what… excuses won out today. No run… BUT, I did make a deal with myself and got my butt to do the 41-minute Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit video (I think that’s what it’s called), which certainly got the job done. I was a sweaty mess (#1), and felt awesomesauce.

Not done yet, folks. I headed out to 98point6 Yoga for an Energizing yoga class, which ended up going up to 65 minutes. I certainly don’t mind the class running a little longer 🙂


Wow. This class was similar to the 90-minute one I took on Sunday except we went through the changes a little more frequently and we didn’t do all 26 poses. I actually liked this one a little more, and it flew by, once again. Sweaty mess #2. Feel amazing!

When my motivation is down, I try to think of all these times after a workout and how great I felt. The accomplishment, the soreness, the awesome shower that follows a hard workout. You’ve heard the saying, “You will never regret a workout,” right (or something like that)? I think that’s definitely true (unless you’re using horrible form and get injured. In that case, you will probably regret it).

Odd. My motivation should be sky-high, considering that I’m going on vacation soon! Perhaps it hasn’t sunk in yet? I dunno.

In any case, I may or may not run tomorrow, but I do plan on doing an Insanity workout and taking another yoga class.


Now I need to find the motivation to study… blech.


What motivates you to workout?

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