Less Than 24 Hours ‘Til Take-Off!

This is going to be a long day. I’ve got ants in my pants waiting for tomorrow morning to come along!

Since I was rather antsy yesterday, I actually went to the gym for a workout:

Yesterday’s Workout:

Stairclimber (revolving staircase of DOOM): 25 minutes, warming up at level 11, then making my way slowly to level 14, switching around anywhere from 12-14). I was watching the Miami-Indiana playoff game yesterday and made little games with myself… like whenever there was a foul call and someone was shooting free throws, I would speed up. I never hated waiting for those flippin’ free throws so much…

Treadmill: 1st mile, 8:19. 2nd mile, 7:41. Then I walked for exactly 9 minutes at a 5% incline and covered 0.67 mile.

Elliptical: 12 minutes. Nothing special.

Stairclimber: (there was like 3 minutes left in the game, so I hopped on and watched until the end of the game). 8 minutes, 1.0 mile. 

I took a quick shower at the gym and went to Joe’s house. LUCKY FOR US, it was Josh’s turn to prepare dinner tonight. CEVICHE and CHICKEN FAJITAS???

We’s be so spoiled. I grabbed a good amount of all the veggies (cilantro, bell peppers, caramelized onions), the shrimp ceviche (maybe it’s considered faux ceviche since the shrimp was already cooked. I don’t care!), and chicken.

My kind of meal. Look at all those colors!

Too bad for the family… when it’s my turn to cook, they’ll be eating grilled cheese and canned soup.

Harhar, I joke. I’ll try to make something nice.


There’s only 24 days left before Team Ohana a Akua participates in the Pineapple 5K. Please help us raise $50 (or more!) to support the Leakemia and Lymphoma Society.

Any amount would be well-appreciated! If you’d like to give, you can donate here. 🙂


Planning on doing an Insanity workout today. I missed the yoga class this morning… and ended up studying (*pat on back*). Joe would be rolling his eyes at the fact that I have trouble studying for one class, hehe.


What are you wonderful Wednesday plans? (I’m planning on being giddy and excited for the Hawai’i trip until I go to bed).


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