Super Quick Message From HAWAI’I!

This is going to be a super quick post! Don’t be jealous but… I am in Hawai’i.

Here is the view from the plane. Not bad, huh?

We stuffed ourselves with some authentic Hawaiian food for lunch and then went to the beach.

There was some squabling involved:

But it ended up being okay.

Something I realize now… I need to clean my darn camera lens.

Anywho, there is a lot of this action going on:

I’m still on a diet while here… The Colorful Diet. Yes, colored syrup over ice and pink mochi balls are all allowed on this diet 😉


I am about to go to the gym right now (or perhaps just run around, get lost, and find my way back somehow, hehehe). We have been mad-crazy-indulging on food and drink, so I’m overdue for a sweat session.

Yesterday’s “workout” was probably a total of 3 miles walking throughout the day. We’ll see how things go today.


I might get one more post in to update, or not. We’ll see. You don’t mind waiting until I get back to California, yeah?

HAWAI’I (*high five*)!!

4 responses to “Super Quick Message From HAWAI’I!

  1. Ok i admit it…I’m SO jealous lol! 😛 hope you have an AMAZINGly fun time there tho (looks like you already are) 😀 Bye! 🙂

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