Another Quick Hawai’i Recap

Today was a super busy day! We woke up pretty early to go snorkeling in Hanauma Bay!

I’m rockin’ a killer all-over bloat because we have been eating all sorts of things all day… but whatevs.

OMG. Snorkeling was AMAZING. All those fish you see in the videos and TV programs? I got to basically swim with them! It was so cool 🙂

My older brother was awesome in coaching me through the first part… where I was hyperventilating and freaking out because I felt like the ocean was squeezing the air out of me or something (even though only my face was in the water). I just needed to get used to using the mouthpiece to breathe. After two minutes of practice, I was good to go.

Anywho, here are some other quick highlights:


(The following are all from the Paradise Cove LUAU)

Dranks (complimentary):

It was such a beautiful place for a luau:

I got to make a headpiece decorated with flowers

I got to watch my brothers be a part of the hula-skirt-guys (tribesmen? I forgot what they were called. My brothers are in the front).

And again, you just can’t beat the view.


It was a short recap. I’m pretty sure you will be hearing about Hawai’i for the rest of May, hehe.

If I wake up in time, I’m going to go for a run. It’s the last morning in Hawai’i, and I want to sweat all over it before I leave.

😀 Pray for a safe flight home. We’ll be heading back Monday!

2 responses to “Another Quick Hawai’i Recap

  1. Sounds like you had a great time in Hawaii. I showed Tom the pics and he was drooling over the pics of loco moco and shaved ice. We’re so jealous!

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