Workouts in Hawai’i

While we were in Hawai’i, there was non-stop eating and drinking of deliciousness:

So I had to fit in some sweat sessions in order to keep the weight gain at only five instead of ten pounds.

On the second day, I jogged over to the 24 Hour Fitness right in front of Waikiki Beach. I had my Garmin with me, and it read 0.85 mile from our hotel to that gym.

I found out that that location is considered a SuperSport (I only have the regular Sport membership), so I could have upgraded or paid $25 to workout for one day. NO, THANK YOU.

I came outside and decided that God provided an even better “treadmill” than the one inside the gym:

I was grinning from ear-to-ear, running around and exploring this part of the island. I covered 6.55 miles on that day.The only thing that sucked about that run was that I had my purse on one arm, and a towel and rolled up magazine on the other hand (because I thought I was going to work out at the gym). I don’t know if it altered my form, but I started getting super bad knee pain on the right side. Poop.

I came back to the hotel and watched the Lakers-Thunder game while doing Pilates to boost my caboose as well as 5 minutes of plank.

End of Day 2 workouts. (By the way, we did about 3 miles of walking on Day 1, exploring the area and walking along Waikiki Beach from the hotel).

On Day 3, we did about 3 miles of walking again (to restaurants and the beach). Then at night, after Joe and I had a late meal, we went to a different 24 Hour Fitness branch and I got to do 30 minutes of elliptical and 20 minutes of shoulders (and some biceps and back).

Day 4 consisted of snorkeling. The only time my heartrate spiked was in the beginning when I was getting used to breathing with the snorkeling gear. Mild panic attack for two minutes, and then we were good to go.

(By this time, we’re all rockin’ some bloated bodies and such… because eating a lot of food every three hours will do that to ya).

Day 5, the last morning, I went out for a final run at 6:30 am!

I ran along this river thing where the locals do their kayaking races and practices. It was a perfect place for a run.

I saw water fountains around Waikiki Beach the other days, so I didn’t bring any water with me… and got owned. The first seven water fountains I came to were BROKEN. Say Whaaaat??? It was a pitiful sight to see for those who were watching a big sweaty Asian girl press the button ten times with her mouth open, only to get no water and have to continue running.

Luckily, there was ONE that was working about 4 miles into the run. Thank the Lord!!!

I covered 7.85 miles on that last morning. Swit.

The only other exercises we fit in were going from my room to the boys’ room by taking the stairs.

Hey, however you can sneak it in, right? It’s seriously better than nothing.


🙂 I will be back to getting my sweat on here at home.

How do you keep in shape when you are on vacation?


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