Hiking x 2

Good evening!

Today was a gorgeous day and I was lucky enough to have gone hiking TWICE!

The first round was with my friend Tati at the Rancho San Antonio Park (in Los Altos?). We were supposed to do the PG&E Trail (which you can kind of see in the middle of this picture where there is a row of power lines going up to the top):

We didn’t… but we took some other good trails that had plenty of shade and kept us really cool.

I kind of take for granted that we have such awesome areas for hiking and trail-running. I decided during our hike today that I’m going to do a lot more trail running in the summer. I want to emerge in the fall with even more thunderous thighs and a killer drive to power up any hill!

How cute is Miss Tati? (I know she looks petite and all, but she’s super strong. Don’t mess with her. You’ve been warned). Hehe

Since she is always dressed super cute and lady-like, I dressed up like a dude… just for balance, ya know?

Ohh! We went by the farm (also at the same park) and got to see some of the billy goats!! They’re already pretty big now.

My favorite one is this guy:

^(Chowin’ down on the food while the others play with the humans= totally my style, hehe)

We got to do the tiniest amount of running at the end (up a small incline to the parking area where my car was). I felt like Tati would totally be fine to do the PG&E Trail next time. She might walk crooked the next day but she can totally do it!

We covered 4.00 miles!

Then we went to Cocola for lunch. It’s in Santana Row, which was not super packed but gorgeous as always.

I ordered the Breast of Chicken Salad. They even put the dressing on the side without me asking. I love it.

It’s kind of overpriced for what it is, but it was all super yummy and they gave me plenty of chicken, so I can’t complain too much.

Then we went to Peet’s and I got a Matcha green tea freddo. I like to reward myself with delicious treats after a good workout.


I came home and played with Vanna for a bit. Then after it cooled down a bit, I decided to take her for a walk (which is basically considered hiking because my neighborhood is super hilly).

I should have brought my camera! She was so funny on the way back because she was so hot… she ran through this long grass and just rolled around in it until she was wet all over. It looked so refreshing and I kind of wish I could do  that, too.

We actually ran up a lot of hills today, so I thought it was great hill training. I’m glad she decides to stop and smell things when it’s just flat and boring. We covered 2.60 miles. 


I need to start studying today (I have a test in a week, and I know if I leave it until the night before, I will do as poorly as last time).

Haha, last time, I prayed that famous prayer: “God, I know I didn’t study as much as I should have, but if you could please help me out in this test, that would be awesome. Amen.”

God’s response: “You used this prayer three times last quarter and obviously haven’t learned a lesson. The answer this time is ‘No’, my beloved daughter… and stop being so lazy.”

Sometimes, it’s good when He says ‘No’. I need to buck up and just study, dangit.


How was your Thursday?

Do you have any awesome places to hike near your home?


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