The Worst Track Session Ever

Here is the outfit that I got for a total of $3.60 (hoodie jacket with earphones built in and the Asics shorts).

I know, two thumbs up, yeah?

[I think Misty would be so happy to see me wearing some shorter shorts. She’s always telling me my shorts are too long or too big. I’m always trying to cover up the thunderous thighs, but she’s always encouraging me to unleash them! Hehe]

So I wore this to finally go and get my butt to do a track workout. Things went terribly wrong…

1.) There were like eight teens out there with orange vests, walking around and picking up… nothing. There was no trash, yet they still decided to walk every which way with their trash-picker-uppers, horsing around, and making me super grumpy.

2.) They kept wanting to pick up and throw away the runners’ water bottles (they were eyeing my coconut water so I nabbed it before they could get to it… meaning I had to run around with a bottle in my hand).

3.) Windy, windy, windy.

4.) The inside part of my knee started aching again! OH, NOOOOO (it hurt the same place as when I went running the first time in Hawai’i).

So I did one warm-up mile (my inside knee slightly achy, but I decided to try some 400’s <– stupid move, Stupido). I sprinted a 400 (one lap), and my knee seemed okay. I walked to recover for one lap (I read in Runner’s World that you should actually recover by walking during the recovery parts of a track workout instead of cheating and just running slightly slower. Will do. I totally looked forward to pushing hard and then walking).

I sprinted another 400, and walked one lap… and then I left. All the reasons before were telling me get out of there.

2.10 miles in 19:30 (not that the time matters because I walked for two laps).

I think the only positive is the fact that I even got out there. It’s a start! If you know me or you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I never do track workouts or any type of speed training. I avoid it because I hate it. I hate it because it hurts. It hurts because I have no fast-twitch muscles. I have no fast-twitch muscles because I avoid speed training. I will stop this cycle by just DOING IT.

Haha, doing two 400’s may be the nastiest, weakest track workout for most people, but hey. That’s better than ZERO, yeah?


I’m trying to figure out why the inside part of my knee hurts. I know I’m slightly bow-legged (look at the picture on this post. Gross, huh?) and I’m pigeon-toed in one foot. Perhaps all that weirdness is finally affecting my body? Who knows.

Any tips on how to take care of my poor inside-knee area? I will ice it and roll it out. Anyone wear a strap? Does it help?


BTW, that leg workout I did on Wednesday kept my inner thighs and butt sore until last night. Yeah, it was a straight 48 hours of being reminded of my leg workout… and I kind of loved it.


I’m itching to get in a trail run. Perhaps the softer surface will be kind on my knees (oh, except all those up-and-downs on the hills… those will probably trash my knees. Darns it).

Have a good Saturday, everyone!

2 responses to “The Worst Track Session Ever

  1. I used to have the same problem with the underside of my right knee from all the pounding on the hard tennis court. I used a knee brace and that seemed to help. You could try mine (washed and clean) to see if it’ll help.

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