Sunday Morning Workout

It’s Sunday! And since tomorrow is a holiday, we can all enjoy it a little more 🙂

I purchased a Groupon for a deal for three DVD’s by Jillian Michaels. I actually don’t like her THAT much, but it was so cheap to get three workout DVD’s (which I’ve been looking for) that I had to get them to try.

I tried this one (Level 2), up to the 50-minute mark and it really did make me work hard and left me all sweaty… just the way I like it.


It has a combination of plyometrics, some isometric, weights, core, etc. She kept changing it up so the time went by super quickly! There is practically no rest, which was okay because all the moves were manageable to do back-to-back.

There were a couple of moves which I decided to do differently because I’m pretty sure those moves put really weird stress on the back/spine. Other than those two or three moves, she gives good instruction on the rest.

I will probably try the other ones and do the easier levels on days after I do other cardio or when I’m super sore and need an easy workout.


I followed this up with some shoulder burnouts and more core moves with a stability ball.

There’s a long day ahead of me today!

I have a church Vision Team meeting at 11:00am, then church service, lunch, then a special sisters’ outing for a super belated birthday for our friend Chimi, then I’m headed up to Walnut Creek for a youth counselors’ meeting (which is going to go all night!).

Tomorrow, I’ll rest, study, and hopefully my knee will not act up so that I can do a trail run!


Please support the Leukemia and Lymphoma SocietyOur team will be participating in the Pineapple Classic 5K in June!


Have a wonderful Sunday!

What are your thoughts on Jillian? Do you like her DVD’s and her training? (I’m just neutral)

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