Facial, Meeting, and Rock City

Yesterday after church, I went out for a facial in Belmont with Tammy and Chimi!

We were celebrating a late-birthday for Chimi (the facialist couldn’t get us in for like a month).

I thought the experience was just okay. She was really pushing the Dermalogica (?) products the whole time and then at the very end of the facial, she gave me a scalp massage, which was nice… except she had a lot of oil in her hands or something. My hair was super duper oily for the rest of the day 😛

BUT, I don’t mind too much. It’s just too bad that I couldn’t stick around! I had to be on my way to Walnut Creek for a youth retreat counselors’ meeting!

It was another solid hour of driving, but I was super energized and happy to see everyone again. There was a lot of productivity, and then a lot of horsing around (literally!)

(^Can you see the mysterious horseman? All the dogs were really suspicious of him).

And there was this piece of beauty from Costco. I ate it with a cup of delicious milk and it was perfection.

I fell asleep in my sleeping bag in the pews of their church while watching Captain America. The other peoples are hardcore… they basically watched every other Marvel comic book movie until the morning! o__O It’s pretty crazy, I tell ya.

In the morningish, we went to Seoul Gomtang! It was kind of brunch-time, so I got myself some dolsot bibimbap. 

There is only ONE WAY to eat dol sot bibimbap. You must add 8 tablespoons of the gochujang (spicy bean paste), mix it up, and eat it in its ENTIRETY:

That’s right, son. Any less and I will be mad at you.


After some time passed and we digested most of our meal, six of us headed out to Rock City to do some hiking/climbing-up-rocks.

I really want to do a lot of hiking this year, and this place was really fun!… yet kind of scary sometimes.

It was less scary because I was with these fine peoples of Contra Costa KUMC:

Look, ma! No hands!! 😀

My camera sucks, so it can’t really capture all of the many mountains in the background, but the views were nice.

I took a 0.5-second power nap in this tiny cave and was ready to continue climbing up boulders.

Thanks for such a wonderful day, you guys! It’s so fun hanging out with ya’lls 😀 (oh, yeah. We covered 1.25 mile, which is a lot considering we were basically climbing up and down a “ladder” most of the time).

This story shall continue. We WILL go do that Five Peaks business one day 😉


Joe had texted me during the day to ask if I was going to go over for dinner because they had THIS on the menu:


I said, “HECK YEAH,” and a little after I got there, we all ate until we were stuffed. It was sooo yummy!

I also had a lot of different kinds of macadamia nuts (the ones from Hawai’i). After I ate like 2 cups total, I checked the serving size and frowned when it said “1/4 cup”.

That’s just plain old MEAN.


We had our family Bible study at Joe’s on the chapters from Exodus. I’m so happy that we have been doing these small groups consistently and seeing prayers get answered. Don’t let a language gap be a deterrent. I thought there might be a lot of difficulty with the Korean-English understanding/meanings, but it works out because we’re all doing the same studies everyday.

I also love that it was the youngest person in the family (Joe’s sister, Esther) who really pushed for this idea. I’m soooo glad she did because it really is a beautiful thing for a family to gather to discuss His Words and daily walks with Him. 🙂


Plan for tomorrow? NOT SURE. I’ll see how it goes. I know for sure that I have eaten a lot during this weekend, so I may do some long-running or go “INSANE”.

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend!

What did you do on your day off?

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