Beautiful Day= No Studying

Hello! Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that I really couldn’t get myself to study. I ended up getting in BIG TROUBLE because Joe was upset that I decided to put off studying for a test that is TODAY.

Anyways, here was my fantastical lunch from yesterday (kalbi jjim, rice, kabocha squash, and some greens):

We went to Santa Clara University to pick up some books for Joe. Man. His law books for one class kind of resembles a Bible… but definitely dry and in kind of a different language.

At least my Bio book has pictures and stuff 😛

We walked around the beautiful campus!

Joe was so happy to enjoy the sites with me:

I want this at my home:


Afterwards, we went back to Joe’s house and I went out for a hike with his brother, Josh!

I was super duper happy on Monday when he said he wants to start running (I wanted to do a cartwheel but there is very little space for my cartwheels… which can end up going in any direction because I don’t really know how to do a cartwheel).

But it’s important not to start too fast and burnout quickly, so I thought of going hiking to build up to the running thang.

So we were off the Rancho San Antonio Park and covered 3.75 miles while getting plenty of incline in. There wasn’t any running involved YET, but I kept us walking at a pretty fast pace.

Next time, we will incorporate little bits of jogging here-and-there. One day, we’ll be able to run the whole thing!

I’ll bring my camera next time to capture Josh running with ease and composure.


Oh! And look what Josh made for dinner last night:

Curry rice with a SOFT-BOILED EGG. You best believe I ate more than one serving of this curry.

And dessert:


I studied for a couple hours last night and all morning so far.

Why am I such a horrible student? I think I had too much fun outdoors during the long weekend that it’s hard to get myself to sit still and study.

I like to complain to Joe that my one class has so much info. He just sighs heavily as he looks over at his Bible-sized law books. He’s really lucky to have me in his life. I’m building up his patience in so many ways 😛


I will go for a nice workout after my test today. Otherwise, I have a couple hours of work before my exam, and a couple more hours to study before I go to work.

The end.

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