Mask, Legs, Baby, Pushups.

Happy Friday to all you wonderful people!!!

The other day, I remembered that I bought this jazz from Whole Foods (I went there to get dinner and got distracted by the skincare section, hehe).

I opened it and was a little surprised by the texture, which was super duper thick.

I also wondered for a split second if I just got tricked into putting sky blue paint all over my face.

It’s called “Mint Tingle” and it certainly did tingle! It did the trick and made my face feel super duper clean. I’ll incorporate it into my skincare once a week.

BTW, I have the worst skincare routine of anyone I know. I use random products, sometimes just wipe my face before bed, and definitely pick pimples. I’m trying to be better about all of these.

The only thing I’m super good about is SUNSCREEN. I almost always have some with me and I wear SPF something everyday. You do it, too, yeah?.


Yesterday’s Workout:

Stairclimber: 28 minutes, and I’ll round down to 3.5 miles. WOW. I don’t know how long it has been but I was lightheaded by the end and I couldn’t eek out an extra two minutes, even when I went down to level 10 (my warmup is at level 11). DANGIT.

Elliptical: 15 minutes. Nothing too special. Just kept the resistance at 11 and changed the incline and pedal stroke (5 minutes of it was backwards).


115#- 12 reps

115#- 12 reps

120#- 12 reps.


95#- 12 reps

100#- 12 reps

100#- 12 reps.


50#- side lunges, 12 reps on each side

50#- forward lunges, 12 reps on each side

50#- backward lunges, 12 reps on each side.

BOOM. I think I kind of love this leg workout. I will just continue to get stronger and lift heavier. WAHOOO!


I got to visit some special peoples yesterday. Noel and Urijah!!!

They are both doing well and quite healthy. It was so funny to watch him waving his arms and legs around and to hear his cute baby noises!

Cute guy. He’s gonna get all the ladies when he grows up 😉


Lately, I’ve been eating a LOT of chocolate every. single. day. YIPES. These are from yesterday:

^Sorry for the chocolate smeared on the plate… I ate these right after I ate Esther’s chocolate cake.

I would ideally eat less sweets and chocolates (except for the really good-quality ones)… but I feel like once I attempt to restrict myself, I’ll go face-plant myself in the next box of chocolates I see.

Hmm. I’ll just have to keep trying to keep the portions under control, I guess.


I did the P90X Chest and Shoulders video for the first time today! It was good and included like 15 different pushup variations… which is just awesome because I’m so super good at doing pushups. (*SAARCASMM*)

It’s good. I think I should definitely do more of this video because I need to work up to doing pushups on my feet instead of on my stupid knees. It also hits the triceps in so many different ways.

Hey. Have you done this video before?

You know the part with the clap-pushups or PLYO pushup? Where Tony Horton does THIS CRAP??


I actually exclaimed, “HAA!!!!” In my room while watching him. That’s insane. I squinted real hard and looked for a little cable or something, but no, sir. He’s really doing that…

Good for him.


I’m actually super excited because I’m going to see BOTH my new-mommy friends (Noel and Urijah again, and Susan and Eliyah!!!). I’m so blessed to have these sisters in my life and I can see how richly and abundantly God has blessed them.

🙂 It’s going to be a good day.


What are your weekend plans?

Have you ever done the P90X videos?

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