Time to Play!

Hello! Today was such a special day because I got to hang out with both Noel and Susan AND their little ones!

I brought a whole lot from Trader Joe’s and we completely demolished everything. This was a progress picture… by the time we left, it was all gone.

^Do you spot that brie and jam? Spread those two on a cracker or some bread and I guarantee you will end up eating way more than necessary.

I got to bring over the simple painting I made for Eliyah. She thought it was cool but desired for her poopy diaper to be changed more than anything.

This cutie from yesterday was so funny. Urijah was pretty comfortable right on that seat for some reason. He slept for a good portion of the time!

It was so fun to sit and watch these two blessed babies do their thangs. How precious and innocent they are! How much they love to simply be in the arms of Mommy, to be safe in the embrace.

I really don’t know how to connect with them yet. They have no teeth to chew cookies/chocolates and such… so until they get teeth… I’ll just touch their super mushy arms and legs.

Praise the Lord for all the blessings He has given to these wonderful women! Thank God for giving them awesome husbands, too! GOOD JOB, DADDIES.


I am feeling the effects of the P90X workout from this morning! My chest and triceps are starting to have that tight, achy feeling and I love it!


I would love to get in a run tomorrow! I hope I can sleep really well and do a long one 🙂

Hope you had a wonderful Friday!

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