One Way to Start Your Saturday

I like to try to get some sweating in on Saturday morning because I know that once I go on with the day, there is no way I’ll make it to the gym or bust out a video at home.

This morning, I warmed up on the elliptical while watching The Colbert Report. Nothing special, just make sure it’s a difficult, molassesy level of resistance and pedal backwards for some of the time (it will work the muscles differently).

Then I became brave and tried the P90X Back and Biceps video!

Why would I need to be brave to do that? HAVE YOU SEEN MY ARSE? It’s pretty difficult to do a pull up when I am so bottom-heavy. On top of that, my biceps are wimpy wimpy (BTW, I love to work shoulders and triceps a lot because they look the coolest… to me).

Good thing I had Mr. Horton to help me out.


One bad thing is that I don’t have that pull-up bar that can be used on the door frame. We have something that resembles this:


So I had to do the modified version using a chair, and I was busting out a few reps and not paying attention to the fact that there is like 4 inches of space right above the pull-up bar.

You can guess what happened. I hit my head on the ceiling… and broke my hairband.

It was even more pathetic because I was really sad about my broken hairband (if you have noticed, I wear one every time I work out/run/race/don’t have time to shower. It’s the reason why my hairline will recede beyond the top of my head one day).

I know. My life is just full of struggles and hardships. It’s probably why I’m such a strong person.


So back to the workout… I had to improvise and do pull-ups using the little handle bars that are for dips and resting one foot on the floor while doing it. I think it worked out well.

Let me tell you about all the biceps moves… quite NUMEROUS and full of VARIETY. So annoying how my biceps wimped out with the 12’s, so I had to downgrade to 10’s. Then in the last couple of sets, I had to use 8’s and STILL struggled to get 15 reps (I had to settle for 10-12 reps on many because my form started to get all funk by then).

So I made it through the 52 minutes. It was my first time trying this video and I loved it! It definitely blasted my back and biceps and forced me to start doing something that resembles chin-ups/pull-ups.

Hah, my end-of-the-year goal was to do TWO pull-ups and bench my own bodyweight.

Hmm… I’m thinking if I lost like 60 pounds, I could probably accomplish the latter. Then again, I might look kind of sick.

I think I can do the two pull-ups by the end of the year if I really focused on it. As for benching my own bodyweight? Perhaps that will just have to be a lifetime goal… my upper body is just so weak!


On my way out the door to Bible study, I picked up my bag and was pleasantly surprised with the feeling I had in my biceps. I felt so very fatigued but also a great sense of accomplishment.


Have you ever had any goof-ups while working out? (Hitting your head on something/falling off the treadmill/etc.?)

I almost always trip once while using the stairclimber… usually when I am changing speeds or really engrossed in reading my magazine.

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