Bake Sale!

Good morning!

I will be working out really soon, but first, let me show you a little recap of my Saturday.

After Bible study, I had some time to chill and then this guy came over after an all-day training thing for one of his law classes. Guess who he’s hanging out with?

This gal, of course. Vanna was pretty calm yesterday (except for an incident where I let her break one rule, and she decided to break another rule by sprinting into my bedroom).

I made Joe go with me to shop for some ingredients and we got some dinner, too. I got this huge salad and we split the quinoa mango salad, which is a very popular item at Gene’s Market. I really liked it! Joe got a tri-tip sandwich for $5.49 and he said it’s going to be a Saturday night tradition (because that price is the special for Saturdays).

Then I got to work:

BTW, I got two recipes from the same blog. I had most of the ingredients at home, and it’s cool because one involves this:

That’s right. I basically followed the directions and recipe exactly how it said (well, a 1/4 less of both brown and white sugar, and less butter… but more/less the same thing).

And HOMEMADE FROSTING, YO. With crushed Oreos? Whaa?

YEAH, SON. This stuff is GOOD!

By this time, it was like 9:30pm and I was pretty tired. Joe was asking why I made it hard on myself by making my own frosting or baking from scratch. Also, why would I make my own frosting when I AM THE WORST FROSTER IN THE WORLD?

If anyone at church says they look ugly, I will prepare a speech about how you shouldn’t judge the outside appearance and such. Hopefully, it tastes delicious enough that they won’t comment on it. Plus, they’ll definitely know I didn’t buy it from a store 😛

NEXT, I made a simpler one. I put my good man to work by unwrapping all these Reese’s cups. Thank you, sir.

^If you’re thinking that he looks tired, then you’re right. He had a full day already.

Also, if you’re thinking his hair looks like a helmet, that’s correct, too. I’ve been telling him he needs a haircut for like two weeks ;D

This one is fun because you can press the PB cups into the cupcakes before it cools. It’s also much healthier than the Oreo one.

I decided not to frost it because… I kind of ruined the look of the other ones, hahaha. It will probably look cooler like this anyways.

To all the peoples of SCUM and NCUMC, my team will be having this bake sale at both churches today (that’s right. We’ll be over at SCUM around 11:45). We are fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so be ready to support and eat these cupcakes (and other awesome goodies)!

We’ll bring milk, too. We’re so nice, yeah?


I have not been eating well these days. So many huge snacks everywhere that aren’t necessary. Sure I work out, but things are easily undone by eating an extra scoop of PB here, more snacks there, baking until 10:30  pm (which requires taste-testing, of course), and BOOM… weight GAIN.

I hope this will be a good week eating-wise. I’ve been loving my workouts so I’ll continue with them (SO SORE from yesterday’s P90X Back & biceps).


Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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