Good evening! I’m going to recap this wonderful day for you!

So Jane, Addie, and I went over to SCUM (Santa Clara United Methodist Church) in the late morning to set up for our first round of our bake sale (to fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society).

But first, I was reminded of the P90X Back and Biceps workout when I decided to do this:

^(Eugenia is one of the students that I taught during my first year as a Sunday School teacher. I was going to ask her to carry me, too… but she just graduated from high school and I didn’t want to ruin her summer by crippling her).

So back to the bake sale! Can you believe that between the three of us, there was no overlap in baked goods? We offered caramel popcorn, rice krispy treats, the Oreo cupcakes I made (they were a BIG HIT! Check out this blog for other amazing recipes), brownies, chocolate chip cookies, PB cup cupcakes, magic bars, and homemade granola bars. Everything was homemade! Isn’t that incredible?

Here are some of my other former students! They are all grown-up and high school graduates now! My goodness, time certainly flies!

Thanks to everyone who helped us out!



Lunch was so super yummy. It was like a burrito bowl! There was cilantro rice, chicken, corn salsa, caramelized onions and bell peppers, lettuce, and lettuce (topped with salsa, of course).

It was so good that I ate another one. People were giving Joe a hard time about his second plate… and when I came around with mine, they just looked bewildered o__O

Don’t judge. My thighs have a hefty appetite.

Now back to our bake sale round #2!!! This time, we got to add some more goods from Neal and Sandy. We were totally well-stocked with everything…

and then we quickly started running out of each item!

We had so many generous donations and “keep-the-change” that we surpassed our goal of $160!

Total: $215!!! 

I really want to thank everyone who was so kind to purchase some of our baked goods and definitely to those who donated extra! Your generosity will go a long way to fund research and provide more patient care through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

We’ll be doing the actual race this Saturday! I’m excited for the event!! 🙂

Oh, yeah. When all was done, I had to eat one of the PB cup cupcakes with a cup of milk. SO. FLIPPIN’. DELISH.

Another special moment? Eliyah got to come to church to meet everyone! She is going to be so strong and healthy because she can definitely put away a lot of milk 😉

After everything was done, the boys were heading out to play basketball somewhere, and I came home and felt energized.

I had an itch to go running, but I didn’t want to run too long because it was 80 degrees outside… and I haven’t really gotten used to running in the heat yet.
So off to the track I went!

Warm-up mile at 8:28, then I did 10 x 100’s (with light jogging/walking for 300m). I cooled down for 1.5 miles and BOOM! 5 miles done in less than 40 minutes!

I was also trying to be really careful because last week, I had the knee incident, and I haven’t been able to run normally since. Luckily, today was okay!

I did this at the Saratoga High school track and wow… it was kind of annoying how there were so many high schoolers riding their bikes and leaving them “parked” to block the two inner lanes.

Even though I was starting to brew and give them the evil eye, I quickly settled down. Why? I was listening to K-LOVE radio station while running. How can I praise God while being mad at kids? Plus, it wasn’t a big deal. I wasn’t going all out or training for something really big.

I really shouldn’t be quick to be angered or annoyed. I’ll work on that.


This gal wanted to play.

We played fetch for about ten minutes before she was POOPED (since it was still pretty hot). We sat and chilled for a while, but I couldn’t relax because she kept trying to lick my sweat… so gross.


I hope you had a great day!

Again, we truly appreciate all the support and donations! It’s always awesome to surpass the minimum amount when fundraising 🙂

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