Insane Sweaty Cardio Day


Here is a wonderful post from the weekend, for those who missed out on all the fun 😉

Now to today… it was a sweaty cardio kind of day. I had just a tiny desire to do some heavy lower body lifting, but I brought my nice running shoes, so I kept it all to cardio today.

Today’s workout:

Stairclimber (revolving staircase): 25 minutes, and I’ll round down to 3.10 miles (5K!). I was so super sweaty, but I kept it on the easy side so I wouldn’t get light-headed like last time.


Treadmill: 25:50, 3.0 miles. I ran kind of a progression run, starting out at 7.4 mph or something and increasing by 0.1 mph every 2.5 minutes. Then after 10 minutes, I walked for 2.5 minutes. Repeat once. (All done on only 0.5% incline because I was kind of tired).

Cycle: 14 minutes. My right calf was a little tight when I started, so after I was done with this, I went to go stretch for about 5 minutes.

Stairmaster (the one that’s not steps): I only did this one because all the treadmills and stairclimbers were taken. Why aren’t you people at work at 1:00pm??? I did 10 minutes, supposedly 1.0 mile, but I think it felt more like 0.75 mile.

The last part was just junk cardio. I really didn’t need to do it but Michael was playing basketball with some peeps, so I was just trying to fill time. After that, I decided to just go wait in the car and eat a protein bar while reading a magazine.

After coming home, I did 20 minutes of yoga to get nice and stretchy while watching stuff on Hulu.


So I ate a little 100-calorie snack bar before the workout, and I’m glad I did. I would have pooped out and not been able to run as hard as I did on an empty stomach (since it was about 3-hours after I ate my breakfast).

I also had some FRS (mango) to sip every 10 minutes or so. It gave me a tiny boost every time because it tastes like liquid candy.

For a good-quality, high-intensity, longish workout, the ones where you incinerate a whole LOT of calories, make sure you are properly fueled. There is no point in trying to save calories by working out on an empty stomach, and lifting less or running slowly because you have no energy. That’s just a waste of time.

Of course, if you’re going in for a quick 20 or 30 minutes, you can probably get away with not having to have some pre-game fuel.

If you’re going hard for more than an hour, you gotta get some electrolytes and calories in during the workout. On my runs that go over 10 miles, I like to have a GU with some water. Find out what works for you and DON’T try to go all crazy without the proper fuel. You will fizzle quickly and not torch as many calories.


It’s kind of incredible how much I can sweat during a hard workout. Period.


How did you start off this week?

What kind of fuel do you like to take before/during/after workouts?

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