Running Date #1

Hello! What a wonderful Tuesday!

I slept in this morning (until 9:20am *GASP*) and luckily, Michael woke up a little after I did. I asked him if he wanted to go for an easy run, and he said, “Okay.”

WOO HOO! I was so happy because I usually have to convince him and drag him out there or force him to register for a race, in which case, we’ll train like… once, haha.

So anyways, we went out. Michael was distracted while getting ready or something because he didn’t bring his water or put on any sunblock. Oh, well. I had like 1-cup worth of water.

When we started off, it was at a super easy pace (9:00+ min per mile). The thing is that it’s all kind of at an incline and we also had a headwind. Great. It was no problem for us and we made it to about 3 miles when everything went wrong.

I had two-teaspoons-worth of water (no joke), and my younger brother had the rest (I let him do that because he’s bigger than I am and because I’m pretty much the best sister in the world). Well, we ran out of all the water. There was 2.2 miles to go, so we’ll just take it easy and it will be no problem.

Uh oh, Michael’s sole was acting naughty and causing him pain by creating a monstrous blister on the side of his foot. It was becoming so aggravated (even though we stopped a couple times so he could readjust it) that he could no longer run. That was problem #2.

Problem #3… I was running late for an appointment! With 1.40 miles to go, I was supposed to be home in 6 minutes. Not happening.

With my poor brother having to just walk, I had to gun it to the car and drive back to where he is to pick him up and go home (luckily, we were pretty close to home). So up until then, we were running over 9:00’s, I had no water, and I was sweating sauna-style.

That last 1.40 mile was painful, but also pretty awesome. I had to fight through the pain and push myself really hard. I prayed to God that I wouldn’t be late and that He would give me strength.

It’s kind of amazing during a few of those strides where I felt weightless and so free. You know how those gazelles run so easily and fluidly? Yeah. I felt like that 🙂

So I ran with a pace under 7:30 forthat 1.40 mile! I picked up Michael and we went home. Also, I wasn’t late for my appointment!

DAAAAANG what an interesting run. I’m so glad it ended on a high note.

Michael will not forget his water or sunscreen next time, AND he will get new soles.

So I ran 5.2 miles, and Michael did about 4.5? Something like that.


Believe it or not, I have another running date with Esther and Josh later today. It’s going to be flippin’ awesome 🙂

(Actually we’re hiking, but I’ll throw in some runs when it’s relatively flat/a tiny bit of incline. Otherwise, we’ll be speed-walking up a giant mountain).


Other recent highlights:

WATERMELON SEASON! I insisted on carrying a certain watermelon all around the store when I went grocery shopping with Joe one time. I knew it was going to be super sweet and I didn’t want anyone to take it.

This picture doesn’t do it justice. It was at the perfect ripeness where it’s not only super sweet, but the texture was not all mushy and nasty. PERFECTION, I TELL YA.

Also, I purchased a facial cleanser from (I had some extra monies on a gift card), and I ended up getting a bunch of freebies. I love when things arrive in the mail!

This is what I bought:

These aren’t the samples I picked, but they said sometimes they run out and have to put in substitutes:

^(BTW, does anyone use primer and want that travel-sized one? I don’t do much make up… especially not primer… whatever it is. SOMEBODY CLAIM IT!).

And these free samples are the ones I picked. The middle one and the one on the right are for my mama to try.


How’s your Tuesday going so far?

Do you like to run with other people?


3 responses to “Running Date #1

  1. Michael will not forget his water next time, but I wonder when it will be – sounds like he will not run for a while even if you drag him. LOL.

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