Running Date #2

OMG! Today was an awesome day for running!

Okay, so as you know, I had a running date this morning with my brother. I just got to finish a second running/hiking date with Esther and Josh (Joe’s siblings). We went over to Rancho San Antonio to get our sweat on.

Where was Joe, you say? In class. Garsh… who knew that law school was so time-consuming. Haha, jk. Don’t be mad at me, law students.

So anyways, here are my awesome workout buddies:

We started out pretty flat:

Then we started going up some switchbacks on one of the trails that goes up a mountain.

I love me some hills, and I love me some switchbacks. Also, that picture is not all sideways and crap. The mountain is quite steep and the trees do lean down like that.

We went a lot further than planned, but we made it to the top of this one hill and got a nice view. Also, yes. I am a giant.

On our way down, we saw some deer. You like how he’s waving to it?

Today was such a great day! Not only did I get to run twice, as well as hike on the wonderful trails, but I learned that Esther is an excellent runner!

Little does she know that I will slowly chisel her into being my ultimate running partner, tackling races and trails together and being totally awesome.

And my only regret will be when she surpasses my abilities and starts running faster and further than me. Until then, I will enjoy her company 🙂

Oh, yeah. We covered 5.2 miles (which is exactly what I did this morning!! WEIRDs).


I hope you got to enjoy breaking a sweat in some way today.

Who else wants to making a running date with me? 😀

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