Tuesday= Josh’s night to cook.

Tuesday also= Michelle’s night to do the dishes. NO PROBLEMO.

He made (what they call) “Grandpa’s Chicken”. [*Edit*] It’s a little different take on the chicken their grandfather used to make when they were growing up.

I made myself a modest plate with one thigh, some amazing mushrooms, potatoes, rice, and the most delicious (buttery and garlicky) cauliflower ever!

^You best believe I ate a second plate with some bigger portions after this one was done.

And everything was eaten with a ton of kimchi.

What do you do after eating a meal that was savory, buttery, and heavy? You get something that is super sweet and tart to counteract it. To YOGURTLAND, WE GO!

I had me some plain tart, strawberries, about 2 tbsp of sweet red bean, pineapples, almonds, and those freshly made waffle crisps.

We also went by the little Japanese dollar store so I can look for something my team can wear this Saturday for the Pineapple Classic 5K. We won’t be winning the costume contest, but we’ll definitely all be matching.


Oh, and here is something to make you smile:

Can you tell who is who? SUPER CUTE, YEAH?


So this morning, I put the “headpiece” together (for Team Ohana A Akua) while watching The Colbert Report. 

That’s right. It’s one of those visors that is the size of a small umbrella. Now the family members and friends who come while we run will be able to spot a herd of flowery women from a quarter of a mile away.

And yes… that is quite the evil smile I am sportin’.

Also, I did not ask for their opinion. As team captain, I’m just going to make them wear it. HE HE HE.


Michael and I gave Vanna a shower today. I want to let her come in my room and hang out before I do a mad clean up. Perhaps tomorrow 🙂


I am looking forward to doing a P90X workout in the afternoon. I’m thinking Chest & Triceps (oh, btw, the Back & Biceps one had my DOMS going for like 3 days. It was CRAAAZY and I can’t wait to do it again!).


Hope your Wednesday is going great!

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