Personal Shopping Companion

Can I just tell you something that’s weird?

Just a couple years ago, Susan and I were bridesmaids for a special gal:

^[BTW, Susan (on the right) and I did each others’ hair and make-up. Not bad, yeah?]

Noel was getting married!

It was a great time of celebration:

We were so excited for her big day… and suddenly THIS GUY came along:

Okay, technically, it was not suddenly. Urijah came along a couple years later, hehe.

Anyways, isn’t it kind of MIND-BOGGLING how both Susan and Noel got married in 2010, and now they have their little ones? Time flies so quickly!

So, I got to hang out with Noel today. She mentioned last week that she wanted to buy a new coffee table, so I said I would go with her to help her shop (because carrying a baby around, pushing a stroller AND  a cart is not easy business). We also got to teach her son the importance of eating his vegetables.

So if you ever need a pal to hang out with you while you shop (or need someone to carry bags/heavy items), let me know. I will be your personal shopping companion (small fee: you must buy me a coffee).


After getting her a coffee table, having some cheap IKEA coffee, and buying other nonsense items, we went over to Downtown Palo Alto to grub. Noel and Jamie ate here a few months ago and we decided to eat there (the sandwiches and crepes are supposed to be good).

Noel got the Albacore tuna melt with some awesome crispy potatoes:

I got the Bangkok salad (lemongrass vinaigrette on the side):

^This was SO GOOD, MANG. I loooooved that chicken! Also, the bread on the side was super perfect for dipping in the dressing and eating with the salad.

We were stuffed and quite satisfied with this meal:

For dessert, we went to a local fro-yo shop and were kind of disappointed.

Can you see that there is NO FRESH FRUIT??? Daaaaangs. How lame? I had to settle with half a cup of peanut M&M’s and granola. BOOOOO.

Oh, well. It was still a good day 🙂


I also had the sisters’ Bible study meeting. We just got to hang out and share about what’s going in our lives these days, and then I had to go home for an online meeting.

While I was there, I did some considerable damage on these goods:


I love having these sisters in my life. I feel like God has blessed me so much with their wisdom, comfort, and hospitality… and their humor 😀


So this morning, I did the P90X Chest & Triceps video. GOOD WORKOUT, for reals. I incorporated my 15’s in there.

I’m planning on getting super fit, now that I’ve got these weights: 8’s, 10’s, 12’s, and 15’s. Two of the pairs were “borrowed” from Joe. The other two were purchased by me. 15’s definitely take it to a whole new level.

Yesterday, I ended up being lazy and NOT doing anything. I also did eat a lot today, so I would love to do some kind of long run tomorrow or a shortish trail run. We’ll see how it goes in the morning. These days, I always change my mind and end up doing some kind of P90X video because I love me some weights.


Here is something to make you drool. It’s from Paris Baguette and Joe wanted to get them for his family. HEY, WHERE’S MINE???

(Mine= all the breads I bought for myself, hehe. I had a whole bag full of them).


Hope you had a wonderful day.

It’s quite amazing what changes can happen in just two short years. You could be married and create a tiny human that resembles you and needs you at all hours of the day.

THIS GUY knows what I’m talkin’ about. Hehe 😉

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