Crazy Trail Run

I went trail running today. WOO HOO (*pat pat pat on back*).

Arrived at Rancho San Antonio County Park around 9:45am and lathered myself with a bunch of sunscreen. I knew that where I wanted to go, there would not be a lot of shade.

I had never been on this trail, but I have seen it from the trails on the other mountains and always said, “I want to go to there” with so much longing. I was on a quest to find that trail and run up it (it’s pretty much all in the sun and a fat uphill for at least 2 miles).

This was the beginning part of the trail. This was pretty much the last bit of shade, and those two people were pretty much the last humans I would see until I headed back down.

It was incredibly beautiful, but pretty tough running up. I kept playing games with myself, saying, “Just run to that rock… okay now just run to that big bush… okay now just run until you turn that bend…”

I kept “lying” to myself and was kind of astonished that I had climbed so much without walking! Of course, most of the time, I would run around the bend and be greeted with THIS MONSTER:

But I just kept chugging uphill. Actually, there were little bits here and there where it was really TOO STEEP, so I would power walk until the incline was manageable. My slowest mile was 12:00, which is pretty good considering all this uphill. Most of the times were around 10:00 which surprised me so much because if I had done this last year, I would not have been able to break 12:00.

You don’t know how gratifying and uplifting it is to be able to run up a mountain… actually you might. It’s pretty flippin’ amazing, huh?

If you’re one of those people who scoffs at those people running all the way up a mountain and think they are bionic creatures from the future… I used to be that way, too. But if you slowly build up to it (continually switch off run-walk-run-walk), you will one day be able to conquer the entire thing!

I didn’t bring my music today so I could just pray, listen to my heavy breathing, and sing praise songs in my head.

I turned around at one point to see how much I had run without walking and DANG. I couldn’t even see where I started from! Swit.

I went about 2.5 miles, all uphill (some walk breaks when really steep and also to take some pictures) before turning around and heading down. That was the fun part. I totally earned those downhills! Plus, my quads were overdue for a good trashing.

Even after I came down from the mountain, I continued on another path that was relatively flat (the gentlest undulations, which I love) before heading back toward the car.

How long was the run? 9.75 miles in 1:33. Yeah. If you’ve run on that trail, you would be incredibly impressed. If you felt how hot it was in the sun on that trail, you would be doubly impressed.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with my thunder thighs and giving me the drive to want to conquer that mountain!


I put a bunch of fitness DVD’s on a list through my library’s website and they were all available for pick-up. HEHE, I’m so excited to try them all! Today, after my run, I did a quick 20-minute core video by Jackie Warner. I don’t much care for crunches, but the rest of the moves actually made my core burn, so I was glad to have tried it!


If you work in an office, I apologize for making you jealous that I got to run around in God’s beautiful creation while you were cooped up in a cubicle/desk.

On the other hand, you probably enjoyed your air conditioning, computer, and comfy chair just fine.


Team Ohana A Akua is running the Pineapple Classic 5K tomorrow! Wish us luck! (W’e’re going to be dressed in the tackiest costume EVERRRR) 😀

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