Interesting Night

Early dinner at 5:00pm with mister Joe. From Mitsuwa. It was aight.

We watched some Modern Family while eating and hanging out. Then we headed up to Milpitas to watch Snow White and the Huntsmen with some church peoples, but we were running super late and it sold out!

So it was 9:45pm and we were in Milpitas… what to do…

McCarthy Ranch! We went there and I got a yummy hot green milk tea and we walked around and looked at what was available (since we ate an early dinner).

We decided to try a place called Sizzling Stone. It basically looks like Chipotle and works the same way, but they make dol sot bibimbap! 

Totally modeled after Chipotle:

You choose what kind of rice you want (I got black rice), and added every veggie topping they have (mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, carrots, bell peppers, lettuce, onions, kimchi, sprouts, zucchini, and chicken). The egg was 99 cents extra, but definitely necessary.

I mixed it up and tried some of the different sauces (teriyaki, original (gochujang), spicy sweet curry, and thai curry). Since it wasn’t actually bibimbap, I ended up eating most of it with the thai curry. I love how the stone pot stayed nice and hot. It made the rice crispy and yummy.

For $8.98 total, it’s more pricey than some of the other “fastish foods”, but I think it was worth it. We should have split it though because one is a LOT of food!


I just finished making the last flowery visor. We’re going to look so flippin’ awesome tomorrow 😀

I’m up waaaay passed my bed time. My eyes are doing something funky. o___O

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