Pineapple 5K + Senior Banquet

Hi! This is going to be a super duper quick recap of today because I’s be TIREDS.

Team Ohana a Akua ran the Pineapple Classic 5K this morning! We got together at church and got our costume together. I contributed the sweet visors with the flowers on them. This is how we ran the race:

This is what we did near the end of the race so that we could be visible from far away. I know you’re super jealous because we’re so cool. You should definitely join us next time and be a part of the cool club.

^We ran with that pineapple the whole time and thought of creative ways to pass the pineapple during the obstacles and we didn’t cheat at all! We didn’t drop it or place it on the ground. Yeah, we were that good. I was so proud of these ladies for making it through all the hills and all the obstacles! (The only thing that sucks is that my forearms got a little beaten up by the spiky pineapple. Whatevs, it was totally okay because the YA ate it after Bible study and it was so super sweet, hehe).

This race was awesome because we were given a luau lunch after! The banana tapioca stuff in the container was super yummy. That teriyaki chicken was awesome, too (even though it wasn’t exactly kahlua pork or anything).

Also great? The fresh fruit:

This race was so fun and definitely quite an experience to fundraise, wear costumes, and go through the obstacles together. I would recommend people do it with friends next time (we used a Living Social deal and got to register for 25 bucks instead of 60). DO IT.


I watched the first half of Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals with Joe. I still haven’t checked to see what happened. I had an important place to go….

I went to the SCUM Senior Banquet to see these wonderful high school graduates! When I first graduated from high school and started teaching Sunday school, many of these girls were just entering the youth group. It is kind of incredible how much they have grown!

I was also blessed to be able to teach many of these guys during their other high school years. They have taught me things, entertained me, and made me so very proud. I LOVE YOU, GUYS!

I seriously have so much fun with them and will enjoy watching them go on to college and bless the people around them. Whoever your new friends are… they are the most blessed people in the world, I tell ya!


What a great day! I’m so thankful for God bringing us all together. It’s kind of amazing how through church, I have been given the gift of  these wonderful and memorable experiences with so many people. There will be many days ahead and we should really cherish every moment we have together.

The family of God… it’s such a beautiful thing 🙂

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