“Bat Fody”

The title of this post comes from my bestest friend. He cracks me up and makes me so happy… especially when he accidentally mixes up the letters in words.

Yesteryday, before I went to senior banquet, I was showing Joe the chub on my arms. I am losing my muscle definition because even though I have been working out like a beast, I have been eating like someone who just ran a marathon… like everyday. No matter how intensely you exercise, it can easily be undone with several servings of chocolate.

Chocolate… you have successfully turned me into a firm marshmallow.

Anywho, I was jealous that he doesn’t get the ripple effect like I do, and then he said, “I can guarantee that I have more bat fody than you–”

That’s when I broke into hysterical laughter, the kind where I’m silent but shaking and rolling around. I could barely catch my breath and whenever I tried to repeat what he said, I would start laughing again.

I wrote it down on my white board so that I wouldn’t forget (there have been other times when he does things like this and I could never remember later on what he said. Now, it will be remembered forever).

Good times 🙂


This morning, I woke up early to go take some classes at 24 Hour Fitness.

I took the Cycle class, which ended up being only 50 minutes, and not as hard as usual (she was a sub). It was a little weird that she just kept talking about Body Pump throughout the class. I was already planning on taking the Body Pump class after, but I wanted to be in the moment and get my mind into the cycling… and she was making that very difficult. Whatevs. I was still sweating like crazies. Class got out early for the BP people to set up, and I got my area ready, too.

 (recycled photo)

For Body Pump, I did my usual weights. I think the last time I did back-to-back classes like this was on Easter. I actually don’t know what release we did, but it was one I’ve never done before.

Here are the weights I used:

Warm-up: 20#

Squats: 35#

Chest: 20# <— GOODNESS GRACIOUS, that was TOUGH!

Back: 30# <— I could probably have gone heavier

Triceps: Bodyweight for pushups, 5# for kickbacks, 10# plate for overhead tricep extension

Biceps: 10# <— It was toughish, but I may try a little heavier next time

Lunges: 20#

Shoulders: 5# plates

Abs: Bodyweight. I don’t really like doing crunches, but these made my abs BURN today!


I’m leading an exercise class around 2:30pm at our church today! Bring your yoga mat and a towel if you are around Campbell UMC! You will probably like me a little less because I’m going to make everything BURN.

[*Disclaimer: I am not a certified trainer].


Off to church! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday 😀

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